Fairy Hills Anime

The 26th volume, which will be released on 4/15/2011, will be bundled with an OVA. The story will be focused on Lucy's adventure to the Fairy Tail Female Dormitory, Fairy Hills. But from the info given, it seems like Wendy will be included in addition to the original story. Excited? Can't Wait? Neither can I.

Comments, questions, feel free to add any.

EDIT: The PV for the 26th volume and the bonus episode has just been released. thumb|300px|right|Promo Video!

EDIT 2 (1/19/11): The Opening and the Ending for the New OVA has been revealed. The Opening is called "Eternal Fellows" sang by Natsu's VA, while the ending is called "日常賛歌" (Daily Anthem) sang by Lucy's VA.

In addition, they are also releasing a Character Song Album, featuring 8 characters. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Gajeel will have their solo song, while Happy and Charle will have a duet, for total of seven songs. It will be released on 4/6/2011.

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