Sorry for the delay, it should have been released much earlier, but my local bookstore refuses to get the book until today...

Anyways, let's get started.

Official English Titles:

  • 110. Resign
  • 111. Four Members Remaining
  • 112. Bombing Runs and Sword Dances
  • 113. Thunder Palace
  • 114. Love Breaks Down Walls
  • 115. Regulus (The Light of the Lion)
  • 116. Cana vs. Juvia
  • 117. Satan's Halo
  • 118. Gentle Words

Magic Name changes: Freed's Magic:

  • Dark Écriture instead of Yami no Ecriture. Keep the redirect pages because it will be really difficult to type the accents.
  • Yami no Ecriture: Annhilate is now called Dark Écríture: Death
  • Organic Link Magic instead of Living Link Magic

Character Name Change:

  • Team Mega-Death instead of Team Megadeath, and Oni-Princess instead of Demon Princess (Make a note that Oni is Demon in Japanese.)
  • Mikuni Shin instead of Mikuni Sin.
  • Master Iwan instead of Master Ivan

I'll be taking care of the titles to start.

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