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Volume 14 official naming changes

Sorry for the delay, it should have been released much earlier, but my local bookstore refuses to get the book until today...

Anyways, let's get started.

Official English Titles:

  • 110. Resign
  • 111. Four Members Remaining
  • 112. Bombing Runs and Sword Dances
  • 113. Thunder Palace
  • 114. Love Breaks Down Walls
  • 115. Regulus (The Light of the Lion)
  • 116. Cana vs. Juvia
  • 117. Satan's Halo
  • 118. Gentle Words

Magic Name changes: Freed's Magic:

  • Dark Écriture instead of Yami no Ecriture. Keep the redirect pages because it will be really difficult to type the accents.
  • Yami no Ecriture: Annhilate is now called Dark Écríture: Death
  • Organic Link Magic instead of Living Link Magic

Character Name Change:

  • Team Mega-Death instead of Team Megadeath, and Oni-Princess instead of Demon Princess (Make a note that Oni is Demon in Japanese.)
  • Mikuni Shin instead of Mikuni Sin.
  • Master Iwan instead of Master Ivan

I'll be taking care of the titles to start.

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