Fairy Tail A

The new fanbook "Fairy Tail A", where "A" stands for Animation, is done by Hiro Mashima and the animation team, revealing many info about the anime and some stuff about the animation team.

The Content includes:

  • Some stories in the anime, along the opening and ending set arts in Color!
  • Abundant amount of images that was posted onto the anime magazines.
  • The Voice Actors and their thoughts on the anime
  • The Director and other important members of staff's introduction, along with some
  • Visiting Mashima's workshop
  • Some Additional arts done by Mashima and the staffs.

While it may not sound as interesting as the other fanbook, Fairy Tail+, I will start translating it once I can find it. There just might be some interesting details that we may have overlooked, and I am interested in the images...

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