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Mashima's next series, Cat Magic Games

That's right, it's Mashima's next series that he created on the beloved April Fools Day. It's a short series about when the cats started a rebellion. Those of you that follows Mashima's twitter should've have seen it, but what about its translation?

Page 1:

  • Happy: Cat Dragon's...
  • Happy: Iron fist!!!!
  • Natsu: Happy!!! Knock it off!!
  • Natsu: You want to destroy the guild?!!!!
  • Happy: Aye Sirrrr!!!!
  • Makarov(?): What power!
  • Makarov(?): I've heard that when Happy's serious...
  • Makarov(?): ...the world will be destroyed...

Page 2:

  • Happy: Aye.
  • Lucy: It's not like we stood a chance against Happy in the first place...
  • Lucy: Erza's defeated as well...
  • Lucy: Along with Gray...
  • Lucy: ...and Laxus.
  • Lucy: And the Master has turned into a cat somehow.
  • Lucy: It's over... This world's coming to an end.
  • Lucy: Happy will control the world.

Page 3:

  • Natsu: The next one will be...
  • Erza: ...the strike with us betting our pride on.
  • Gray: Every single member's magic power has brought into one. I don't care if you're Happy or not, y-...
  • Happy: It won't work on me at all, and I'm getting tired of this.
  • Happy: Let's get along.
  • Lucy: Just like that, the world was saved.
  • Lucy: Even though the Guild was completely destroyed during Happy's rebellion...
  • Lucy: ... and the master remained as a cat...
  • Lucy: I cannot love this guild enough.

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