Although I'm pretty sure that everyone already knew, but just in case some don't, a new fanbook has just been released in Japan called 'FAIRY TAIL +' on 5/17/2010. From one of the sites that's selling the book, it revealed a bit of the contents in japanese:

解説 絶好調アニメ放送中!週刊少年マガジン連載『FAIRYTAIL』の魅力全開のファンブックです!

単行本未収録の番外編を2本収録! 新作描き下ろし「長ぐつをはいたハッピー」 真島先生直筆!!アニメ用キャラ設定を初公開!!



From what I can interpret base on the Kanji and katakana, it contains 2 Omakes that wasn't included in the Tankobans, a story on Happy, the character settings for the anime up April 2010. If someone can translate the above lines, it would be appreciated.

When will an english version released? No idea if ever (I'm still waiting for that Super Supplement that came as a bonus with Volume 5 in Japan/Taiwan). When will an unofficial chinese be released? No idea either, but if they're translating it, one month tops. When will the official chinese version be released? My best guess is around October if not September.

UPDATE(6/2/10): From what I found on the web, the content included in the Fairy Tail+ are as follows in order of appearence:

-The omakes, which are 'Mira-sensei's transformation magic class' and 'Welcome to Fairy Fountain'.

-Magazine version of Ch. 128 (Which is the version that everyone saw if they read the online scanslation)

-Conversation between Hiro Mashima and his assistants

-Conversation with Miki Yoshikawa about the 'Megane-Fairy' cross-over

-Lyric to the songs that Mira and Gajeel sang in chap 103 and 104

-A short manga drawn by 西本英雄 that describes how Mashima won the Kodansha award in 2009

-Some additional content on Chap. 163

-A new Omake 'Happy in Boots', which is a (not so obvious in Japanese) reference to 'Puss in Boots'

-Conversation between Mashima, producers, animators, and the seiyus of Fairy Tail anime. Interesting enough, the lines on Plue's nose must be 5, no more, no less.

-Information on Fairy Tail video games that will debut on DS and the PSP.

More to come if I can obtain an actual copy of the book...

UPDATE#2 (06/19/10):

Well, as predicted, one of the chinese scanslation group is currently scanslating the Fanbook. I will make more updates when they are finished. Until then, please wait...

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