Starting from April, Brand new Anime Original Story (AKA Fillers) will begin for Fairy Tail. From what I gathered, there is a new character that's in possession of Jude's important item... RAVE character making an appearance... and something about a ball in terms of dancing... Here are the translated descriptions:

Michelle (ミッシェル Missheru):

  • She's Michelle, a girl who turned up in Fairy Tail to find Lucy. What is the very important item left by Lucy's Father that she's in possession of...?

Jiggly Butt Gang (ケツプリ団 Ketsupuri Dan):

  • Even RAVE fans will be happy. The head of the Jiggly Butt Gang and them are appearing. Is danger approaching Wendy?!

UPDATE From TV Tokyo Official Site (4/4/12):

The name of the new arc: Key of the Starry Sky (星空の鍵 Hoshizora no Kagi).

Michelle (Japanese VA: Yukana): In order to deliver an item left by the late Jude to Lucy, she has come to Fairy Tail. It seems that she's a distant relative of Lucy. She may have great looks, but often cries because of her robust appetite. (This sentence can also be translate as "but has a big appetite, and often cries").

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