The May edition of the latest anime story. The images I got, however were small, and some words were a bit blurry... so I cannot guarantee the translation to be fully correct... Anyways...

New Characters:

Dan Straight (ダン ストレイト Dan Sutoreito

  • He fell in love with a fairy tail member at first sight, and attacks fiercely...?! He uses a magic shield, "Ricochet", and a magic spear, "Habaraki". By the destructive force of his special (word blurred), even Natsu and them are confused!

Jackpot (ジャックポット Jakkupotto

  • The key character(?) regarding to the "Continuous Church Destruction Incident"... with a slot maching that's attached to the chuck, which is attached onto the neck, just what kind of an enemy is it?!

Samuel (サミュエル Samyueru

  • An exceed like happy, an original exceed character has shown up! (Word blurred) a book with his glasses, he looks kind of intelligent. Though he might become entangled with Pantherlily...?!
    • And yes, Samuel is the same exceed we saw from the opening.

New episodes:

  • Episode 131: Legion's Fierceness (レギオンの猛威 Region no Moui)
  • Episode 132: Key of the Starry Sky (星空の鍵 Hoshizora no Kagi)
  • Episode 133: Traveling Companions (旅の仲間たち Tabi no Nakamatachi)

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