Like the May edition, the June edition I received were small, and relatively blurry... Sorry about that... but I still manage to salvage some parts that were vital.

Character Update: Samuel:

  • Samuel, knows as the (word blurred) of the "Legion Corps", the (word blurred) group owned by the largest Church Syndicate of Fiore, Zentopia. His unexpected "Mode change", is it to battle Pantherlily...?!


  • 135 Trail of the Myth 神話の足跡 (Shinwa no Ashiato)
  • 136 The True Villain, Once Again 真の悪、ふたたび (Shin no Waru, Futatabi)
  • 137 That Which Exceeds Calculation 計算をこえるもの (Keisan wo Koeru Mono)

Opening and Ending:

Twelfth Opening: Palm of the Hand (テノヒラ Tenohira) by Hero

Better Source: Still Looking

Twelfth Ending: Yell ~ The Thing For Shining (Yell (エール) ~ 輝くためのもの Ēru Kagayaku Tame no Mono) by Sata Andagi

Better Source: Still Looking

EDIT: Forgot to tell you guys when the OP and ED will be replaced. It will be July.

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