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Anime News! July Edition!!!

You know, I have only been on vacation for a few day (and I still am... Can't wait 'till I get out of it...), all sorts of Chaos are already running amok in Fairy Tail Wikia...... *Slow claps* Anyways...

New Characters:

  • New characters with rich personality(?) continues to show up!! Are the enemies, or are they allies?! Confirm them by watching the broadcast!!
    • Lapointe (ラポワント Rapwanto)
    • Guttman (ガットマン Gattoman)
    • Grim Reaper (グリムリーパー Gurimu Rīpā)


  • It's "Satan Soul: Halphas" (サタンソウル・ハルファス Satan Souru Haurfasu), an idea created by Mashima-sensei!! In order to protect Elfman and Lisanna from Mary-Hughes, a grand battle using Satan Soul's "evolution form" shall develop into!!

Oracion Seis:

  • Each one of the "Reborn Oracion Seis" has their appearance and their strength all reincarnated compared to seven years ago. These are all also original character designs by Mashima-sensei not seen in the original works!

New Titles:

  • 139 The Moment That's Activated
  • 140 Reborn Oracion Seis Appears!
  • 141 Chase the Infinite Clock!
  • 142 The Dissonance of Battle

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