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    While we are all waiting for the next chapter/episode, I decided to declare a WAR!!! Yeah. A WAR!! Shout with me fellas. WAR!!! WAR!!! Ok, that's enough. I will name this war as (Looks at the Title).
    Guest: That sounds Lame. -_-
    CSP: *glare*
    Ok, as I was saying, this is a shippers war. I want you to choose the worst Fairy Tail pairing. I guess we all have our own favorite FT pairing, so I want to know which pairing doesn't suit your taste. And, you could also persuade as why in the comment section. So, Let your Choice be heard. This is THE CHOICE OF FT WIKI. Lol.
    I visited Fairy Tail couples wiki and these are the pairings that I found:

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