Ok, so even after Face was destroyed by Wendy Marvell and Carla, Tartarus is still continuing their operation to eliminate all magic in Earthland so that they can revive their Master E.N.D., but now I'm wondering, is there some other way to eliminate magic that we don't know of?

(All I hope is that it is not something so convenient)

However, with E.N.D. being resurrected required that (I don't know how translation goes) either all or majority of magic is wiped out. This made me think back to my original theory that what if E.N.D. went to the one place where magic is finite and not self-sustaining, Edolas. He would go there be able to recuperate and would use Lisanna as a vessel with a portion of his essence in order pass through the Anima (something similar to the Diablo 3 story line with Leah being a vessel for Diablo). That would explain why Lisanna had significant screen time this Arc and moments with Natsu. Also, I think when Carla mentioned Edolas could be a clue as well. If this theory is correct, then it would be a way for E.N.D. to be reconstituted without having magic eliminated.

I don't speak for the Fairy Tail fandom, but I think many people (including me as well) will be annoyed if Hiro Mashima made another way to wipe out magic so conveniently just when Face was destroyed. They would like for E.N.D. being resurrected regardless of magical presence.

That is my theory, what do you think?

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