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My Balam Alliance Arcs Marathon

CNBA3 October 24, 2014 User blog:CNBA3

Ok, as the title says, I am planning to do a Balam Alliance Arcs Marathon as soon as the Tartarus Arc comes to an end.

Oh, and I will also be watching the Dark Knight Trilogy while reading the three Arcs.

- For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of the Batman Trilogy, and that I find similarities between the three movies and to the three Arcs.

I am going set up a comfort area at home in my home theater, get a bunch of snacks and drinks and then start the Marathon with Batman Begins and Tenrou Island Arc.

Then I will go to The Dark Knight as well as the Oracion Seis Arc.

And Finally, The Dark Knight Rises and also Tartarus Arc.

After I am done, I will return and blog all about it.


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