So as some of you are aware I have been talking about my marathon for quite sometime now where I read all three arcs with the Balam Alliance Guilds and watched the Dark Knight Trilogy because I find such similarities between those arcs and movies. But before I get to that I will give my personal thoughts on the arcs and movies.

Balam Alliance Arcs

I actually really enjoyed reading the arcs again, it was great to see how the art and story and battles improved in my opinion. It was nice to see familiar scenes and moments that many fans would make art work out of.

  • I also remember in the Oracion Seis Arc that they did not have the flashbacks to the Tower of Heaven in the manga version, I never really got the reason why they added them in the anime instead of the manga, was it a thing Hiro did?

Dark Knight Trilogy

It was great to see all three movies again, it was a long time since I've seen them, I own the complete set and that I would watch them as a whole.


So now is time for the similarities. There are quite a few that I have found while reading and watching the arcs and movies. That each arc was similar to each movie.

Tenrou Island Arc/Batman Begins

  • Theme: Fear (Personal Opinion)
  • Authorities Useless (Gotham Police/Magic Council)
  • The villains ideology that the world is not the way it should be and it has to be changed. (Hades/Ra's Al Ghul)
  • Protagonist looked up to a mentor but would later turn out that mentor would be the enemy. (Bruce and Ra's Al Ghul/Makarov and Hades)
  • Heroes have come to understand fear in their hearts and that they would fight to overcome that fear (Bruce with bats/Natsu and his friends).
  • Villains lecture "you must do what is necessary (Ra's Al Ghul to Bruce/Hades to Makarov).
  • The hero will not kill the enemy but did not save them. (Ra's Al Ghul's last moment on the train/Hades leaving and later killed by Zeref).
  • time-skip 7 years.

Oracion Seis Arc/The Dark Knight

  • Theme: Chaos (Personal Opinion)
  • Villains desire only chaos and destruction (Zero and Midnight/The Joker).
  • Motorcycles rule!!! (Gray and Lyon/Bruce and the Batpod).
  • 'Our operation is Small' (Joker's group/Oracion Seis).
  • 'Deep Down, Everyone is Exactly as You' (Joker/Midnight).
  • Disorder among allies (Light Alliance/Gotham)
  • Corruption (Nirvana and Oracion Seis/The Mob and bad cops).
  • Heroes fighting police force (Natsu and friends fighting Magic Council/Batman with SWAT team).
  • Moral Nihilism that there is no moral code (Nirvana's Magic/The Joker).
  • Lovers seperated (Erza and Jellal/Bruce and Rachael).
  • You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain (Jellal/Batman).

Tartarus Arc/Dark Knight Rises

  • Theme: Pain (Personal Opinion)
  • Time Skip from the last 2 movies and arcs
  • Villains Strike first (Bane on the Plane/Jackal on the Magic Council).
  • Comrades hurt which motivates heroes (Jim Gordan to Batman/Thunder God Tribe to Fairy Tail).
  • Victory before Bad News (Batman returns but loses his money/Natsu saves councilman but the other ones died).
  • Treacherous Business man (John Daggett/Crawford Seam).
  • Heroes imprisoned (Batman/Natsu, Lisanna and Erza).
  • A city attacked (Gotham/Magnolia).
  • Ghost of the Past (Ra's Al Ghul/Hades).
  • A timer not stopped (First Face/Neutron Bomb).
  • Noble/False Sacrifice (Batman/Wendy and Carla).
  • Talk about Despair (Bane Talks about True Despair/Silver tries to induce despair on Gray).
  • Inspiration message from father to son (Thomas and Bruce/Igneel and Natsu).
  • Big Plot Twist (Talia is Ra's Al Ghul's daughter/Natsu is E.N.D).
  • Saved by your Girlfriend (Catwomen saves Batman/Lucy saves Natsu 'and everyone else').
  • No longer in the force (Blake no longer part of the police/Doranbolt no longer part of the Magic Council).
  • Sad Ending (Batman no longer in Gotham, Fairy Tail disbanded).

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