Ok, so I have been thinking that after the Grand Magic Games arc in the anime, there might be a filler arc to avoid catching up to the manga.


Also, after the Sun Village Arc there might be another filler arc because this is a short arc.

We might also get a mini arc before the Sun Village to show what Fairy Tail are doing on their jobs.

But the question is, what kind of arcs will they be.

My Ideas

Filler Arc #1: Warlords of Caelum

(I wanted to use this for an idea of Fairy Tail Movie 2)

After the events of the Grand Magic Games and the Eclipse Gate, The Dragons and Future Rogue returned to their original time. And with Fairy Tails victory, their Guild is restored and reclaiming the title #1 Guild in Fiore. But their celebration would not last when a strange army attack the southern lands of Foire. They are led by a group of 5 powerful leaders who call themselves the "Warlords of Caelum". Though they are not of this world, Time was so distorted that they ended up coming 400 years from the past as well. They're intent is to destroy three seals that would cause cataclysmic destruction. They are called "Leviathan" that controls the seas, "Ziz" that controls the skies and "Behemoth" that controls the land. When they are destroyed, the forth seal called "Ragnarok" will appear that will cause the world to freeze over.

Warlords Members:

1. Arbiter, leader and strongest of the Warlords. Once fought against Igneel and lost, he has cancer from his nuclear magic and only the suit he wears prevents him from dying of it.

  • Magic:
    • Nuclear Magic, causes destructive blasts and bursts and absorbs energy from almost anything.
    • Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; Only Dragon Force.
    • Immense Strength.
    • Immense Durability.

2. Sen-Lin, she is second-in-command to Arbiter. She holds great admiration for Arbiter that she would follow him anywhere.

  • Magic:
    • Mirror Spirit Magic, she sends ghosts into her targets to turn them into the worst fear about themselves, and they cannot use magic so long as they have the spirits.
    • Swordsmanship Skills.
    • Immense Speed.

3. Gorg, he lost most of his body in a fight and was placed into a magical robot suit that allows him to be sufficient again.

  • Magic:
    • Shatter Magic: he can cause the molecules in anything to vibrate and shatter into pieces.
    • Immense Durability.

4. Kalrow, an odd little imp shaped man who is very intelligent and crafty.

  • Magic:
    • Shadow Hunting Magic: he can manipulate shadows of others and can create shadows to harm other people's shadows in different ways.
    • Immense Speed.

5. Nicholi, a wild and violent warlord that would attack anything that would piss him off.

  • Magic:
    • Diamond Magic: he can generate and manipulate diamonds.
    • Immense Durability.
  • Natsu, Gray, Laxus, Gajeel, Erza and Juvia will fight them.

Filler Arc #2: Fairy Tail's Jobs

This is a mini-filler arc that shows all the jobs different members of Fairy Tail went on after the Grand Magic Games.

Filler Arc #3: Mission in Minstrel

After the Sun Village Event, an urgent request came to different guilds from the official government of Minstrel requesting that they would save guard the king's daughter and bring her home, however the country is under siege by it's hostile neighbor Desierto. Fairy Tail and a few representatives from other guilds would accompany the princess home. However they are being hunted by 8 Assassins from the Death's Head Caucus hired by Desierto to kill the princess. Will they be able to protect her before she gets home and will Minstrel be destroyed by Desierto?

What are your thought?

Do you have your own ideas?

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