Ok, so we left off with the Blue Skull's dragon terrorizing Magnolia which is already in ruin. They found a villager but was quickly killed by Blue Skull wizards. Yuri, Precth and Warrod quick dispense with the Mages until more of them showed up. Mavis then took action and used her illusion magic to create an army which caused the BS Mages to stop. Mavis demanded the presence of their guild master which he showed. She demanded the return of the Tenrou Jade which the master refused. The BS master saw right through Mavis' magic and ordered his wizards to attack. Yuri tried to attack with a magic bomb but the master quickly threw it back at him. A few wizards attacked Precth and lost his eye (Cough, cough Master Hades!), Warrod then took his friends and fled the battle with Mavis and Ziera and ran into the forest, all of them with despair in their eyes.

(On an interesting note, did anyone noticed as they were running away there was no sign of Ziera with Mavis?)

Rating: 10/10 Reasons:

The Good:

  • Blue Skull's Master kicks ass.
  • Precth's character development into future Master Hades.
  • Not everyone winning the battle right away.

The Bad:

  • None

Sounds like they are going to meat someone in the forest next chapter.


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