In this blog, you can talk about possible ideas for if every there is a Fairy Tail Movie 2. Please don't bash other's ideas.

My Idea:

Title: Fairy Tail Movie 2: The Iron Fairy Rises


There are a group of mysterious wizards that interrupted a job which was taken by Gajeel, Levy, Lily, Jet and Droy, they wielded strange weapons that appeared to have dragon carvings on them. Gajeel then attacked the leader who also uses Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, after the attack, Gajeel disappeared and declared a rogue wizard by Makarov himself, it is up to Natsu and the others to save him before the mysterious wizards get to him first.

The enemies goal was to take Gajeel's power in order to be powerful enough to kill Metalicana.


  • Major Gajeel x Levy shipping.
  • Main Focus Gajeel, Levy, and a little of Lily.
  • Takes place after the Grand Magic Games.
  • Gajeel's past with Metalicana, and a little bit of Levy's past.
  • Antagonist: Second Generation Iron Dragon Slayer, Iron God Slayer

Idea 2.

Title: Fairy Tail Movie 2: The Burning Flame


Fiore has been attacked by an old enemy, a man who was once considered one of the 4 Ishgal Gods (replaced by Walrod), Fairy Tail and many other guilds have been charged with stopping him, while an old friend of Lucy's from childhood had returned (who had once close enough to be considered a romantic relation), he had done research in creating a new magic substance to make Lacrima obsolete called "Arcanium", but are his motives towards Fairy Tail really good?


  • After the Grand Magic Games.
  • New Second Origin Spells.
  • Dragon Force + Lightning Fire Dragon Mode.
  • Appearences from everyone in the GMG, plus Zeref and Mavis.
  • Natsu x Lucy Shipping.

What do you guys think?

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