Ok, so we felt off with Mard Geer being defeated, Gray saying that it is not over until E.N.D. is destroyed (And Now he is officially a wannabe Sasuke Unchiha!) while Natsu tried to stop him. They then suddenly noticed that the Faces were going off one at a time. Everyone is feeling their Magic being sucked away. And the ~stutters for a moment~ OMG Acnologia Has Fallen!!! I Can't Believe it! The King of Dragons Defeated!?! HOW!?!

Next we see Blue Pegasus trying to stop Face but couldn't, they then saw something flew by and destroyed the Faces, what is it? Is it a Bird, a plane, an Ishgal God? NO, It's F***** Grandinee! Followed by Metalicana! And those other two dragons, the ones with Sting and Rogue I don't know and care.:P

Everyone is rejoicing, is the world of Magic safe?

(Wait for it, wait for it)

WROOOOOOOONG!!!! Next chapter is called "Book of E.N.D." and ya'll know what that means?

Rating: 9/10 Reasons:

The Good:

  • Face actually going off.
  • The other Dragons appearing.
  • Next chapter. E.N.D. is revealed.

The Bad:

  • Gray becoming a Sasuke Wannabe
Where you surprised the other Dragons were not inside the other Dragon Slayers?

The poll was created at 12:31 on December 8, 2014, and so far 79 people voted.
How did Acnologia, the King of Dragons and Slayer of Dragons Get Beaten!?!

The poll was created at 12:31 on December 8, 2014, and so far 87 people voted.

Drum Roll, E.N.D. is about to enter the building next chapter!


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