Ok, so we start off with where we left off with Gray and Natsu clobbering Mard into the ground. So then kicks them away and Natsu and Gray use their breath attacks but Mard managed to dodge them. He flies to a safe distance to use Dea Yggdrasil. (Sounds Like a Spell used by Jegan of Oracion Seis from Rave Master) Natsu and Gray manage to break it and Gray used his Ice Make: Gungnir, Mard dodges but inside the ice is Natsu and uses he Brilliant Flame to knock Mard to the ground. But after all that got off all that with just barely a scratch.

Mard then talks about the Origins of Curses. It is actually one of the branches of Magic from it's 'Origin. It was developed by E.N.D. and it was made from the Darkest Feelings of living beings. Hatred, Envy, Grudges, etc.. Natsu goes on about how Magic will create a future. Mard says otherwise.

He then casts a Curse technique called Memento Mori (Hence the title of the chapter). It was created to kill Zeref, since Zeref is immortal, the only way to beat him is to Remove the concepts of Life and Death. He uses it on Natsu and Gray and they both vanished. Mard then returns to his base form and talks about E.N.D. soon being revived and going to kill Zeref soon.

Rating: 8/10 Reasons:

The Good:

  • Marde Geer not going down easily.
  • Origins of Curses.
  • Memento Mori technique

The Bad:

  • Natsu still trying to take the spot light.
How do you think Natsu and Gray will return?

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  • I have a Theory that on Chapter 413, Gray and Juvia will finally be reunited and have their long waited romantic moment! Hence the Omake Chapter 413 Days!


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