Hi Y'all,

So to start off, I the cover of Gajeel was nice.

So we find out that Levy giving air to Gajeel was an excuse to just kiss him. KYAAA!

So now Gajeel got air thanks to Levy, Gajeel goes off to fight Torafusa while she tends to the others.

He attacks Torafusa but he then hardens his body and it breaks Gajeel's Iron, he immediately strikes back.

As Gajeel is being crushed to death, he get's a flash back of when he was still in Phantom Lord, He actually knew someone from their, Belno, she had looked after him when he was young.

We also get to see a moment of him crying, cute!

After the flashback, Gajeel managed to absorb the carbon in the water, turning his iron attacks into steel, with several slashes he managed to defeat Torafusa.

Now all that is left is Tempesta, Kyouka and Mard Geer.

Rating 8/10

Reason: I really liked this fight, just like all of the other fights in Tartarus Arc, they all didn't end in one shots (except for one fight but was reasonable.)

Torafusa seemed badass just like every other Tartarus Members. This is probably one of the best Arcs in Fairy Tail.

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