Ok, so this is my first Anime Episode Review/Rant so here goes.

So we start off with Lucy wanting to learn Transformation Magic from Mirajane, then Natsu bond Happy are wrapped up into learning Transformation Magic as well. Macao and Wakaba were intending to sneak on them and learned that magic in secret as well. Erza, Gajeel and Lily wanted to join Wendy, Carla and Evergreen in cloth shopping with great enthusiasm. Lucy, Natsu and Happy tried several times but only Natsu and Happy could do it and they turn into Lucy's. Macao and Wakaba where despairing that they could do it in order to impress their wives, however there was a horrible transformation. While Erza and the others were cloth shopping, Gajeel and Lily found Superhero Costumes!, Erza while intrigued did the same thing, found a costume and became Fairy Woman! She goes around town and helps people, though doubting what she's doing was anything heroic until she heard screams where we find Macao and Wakaba became Supervillains!, Macao became a hulking monster named Mr. Purple! Wakaba became a smoky guy called Cigar!. Natsu and the others arrived at the scene, they tried their transformation magic but didn't work. Erza came in and fought Macao and Wakaba, then entered Gajeel as Fairy Man! and Lily as Fairy Boy! But Erza immediately dispatch them because she didn't want them to steal her spotlight. She uses Lucy's whip to beat a Macao and Wakaba and turned them back to normal. However in the mist of victory, ERZA BECAME REAL!!! In the end everything was back to the way things were only Erza was still real and Fairy Woman! was still needed in this city!

Rating: 6/10


  • Tranform! chapter adapted to anime perfectly.
  • Most of Fairy Woman adapted perfectly.
  • The ending version with Mirajane.


  • Macao and Wakaba getting a terrible role in the episode.
  • Evergreen, Wendy and Carla being introduced and then just disappeared.
  • Afro Happy. Twice!
  • ALL THE POINTLESS BATMAN REFERENCES IN THE EPISODE!!! I mean, I am a Batman fan myself by everything they did with adding a terrible Gajeel and Lily Superhero costumes and that Fairy Tail Signal Light at the end was just terrible. I would have been just fine with just Erza as Fairy Women but Noooo! They just had to add more! I think this is what made me lose interest.

I look forward to the new Ending versions with other women characters, I hope Cana is next!

Well, that's just me, How about you?


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