I Really liked this chapter!

So from the chapter of the cover page and taken into account what Warren said, it sounds like God Serena may yet comback in the future.

Welp, all you Lyon X Meredy crack fans are getting your moment alright! This has been a cracked ship for quite some time but maybe just maybe they might sail away into the sunset!

So Erza me Kagura have encountered Neinhart's Squad, the Knights of the 4 crests. Sounds like they will get more screen time in the anime adaptation.

Jellal joined Erza and Kagura, bad move bro, with the sister of the guy you murdered hanging around, or you may add her to your harem! ;) Though many of you may think Neinhart could still be Simon if that were the case then why has his soldiers attack Erza and Kagura?

So Dimaria can cut off an entire area from Space and Time thus stopping time in the process, this allows Ultear to return!!! Yeah!!! Now I know many of you may think differently but I was saying before this that probably after her Last Age spell she finally achieved the completed form of Arc of Time which is Time Travel, although it may look like it but sounds like she is no longer part of this time and just like her mother became one with time.

Rate 8/10

No bashing pls.

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