Ok so here goes:


So Wendy and Carla stay behind to take care of Juvia while Natsu, Happy and Lucy head to Sabertooth. Natsu had become very suspicious about trusting Gray but still promises to bring him back to Fairy Tail. As they arrived, they find the place crazy as it gets stocked up on work. They also find Sting to become fat. Natsu was looking for Rogue and Lector and Sting said they were on a mission. As Natsu left, Sting turned back to normal thanks to Yukino. Natsu rushed out and find Rogue, Lector and Minerva in time. Lucy also catches up to Minerva, she says sorry to Lucy and she's cool about it. Natsu and Rogue discusses the job which is to destroy "Avatar". Natsu freaks out and says that he will take care of the job. In reality, Natsu remembers what Future Rogue said and that it was Gray that killed Frosh in 1 year.


  • So it was cool to see Sabertooth after 1 year.
  • I was totally panicking when Sting got fat and thought if Sting will stay like that for the rest of the series. But thank god that wasn't the case.
  • It was nice to see Minerva apologizing to Lucy.
  • So it is Gray that kills Frosh as told by Future Rogue. It would have been shocking if I hadn't seen that coming from the previous chapter.
  • To be honest, I did not understand the message Future Rogue left in chapter 333 because of bad translation, but after the episode with same message it becomes clear.
  • It's quite funny now you think about it, it is Tartarus that created the circumstances for creating Future Rogue! ^^
Who do you think is really going to kill Frosh?

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