Ok, so we felt off with the Faces being destroyed by the Dragons, everyone else is cheering and boohooing. And then we get Igneel explaining as to why the Dragons were sealed inside the Dragon Slayers because they didn't want them to turn into Acnologia. As Igneel was continuing, Acnologia gets back up and flies away and Igneel pursues him. Acnologia talks about the Dragon Slayers for a bit and then turns to being arrogant and saying that he does not fear the Demons of Zeref and that he desires only destruction (Doesn't that sound like Master Zero!?). We go back to Natsu and Gray still going at it with the Book of E.N.D, then Zeref appeared claiming that the book belongs to him as he took it.

Rating: 8/10 Reasons:

The Good:

  • Getting information as to why the Dragons disappeared.
  • Zeref reappearing.
  • Skiadrum's appearance.

The Bad:

  • Gray still being a Sasuke Wannabe.
  • We have to wait another 2 weeks before seeing E.N.D.

On a Personal Note ~ I just saw the Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies yesterday and I was imagining that by the end of the series Acnologia would die almost in the same manner as Smaug.

It's funny, it looked like at first that Acnologia was running away and was forced to fight Igneel. It looks like it is revealed that he is a very paranoid Dragons who is afraid of a great many things.

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