Alright so we begin with 20 Minutes before Face's activation with Natsu Dragneel continuing to fight Mard Geer. Natsu was hit towards the ground. Igneel was worried for him but then immediately returned to fighting Acnologia. Acnologia then acknowledges how it is unpleasant that there are still dragons around.



He spoke?



Igneel then asked that he finally acknowledges him. And then he replies that Igneel is an enemy that must be destroyed.

~Teehee~ this is so cool!

Anyway we return to the fight underground, Natsu was having a hard time until Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. They where talking about joining forces to battle Mard Geer but Natsu refuses because he wanted to do the task his father gave him. Sting then proposes a wager to see who beats Mard first. All three then attacks Mard and were able to land hits on him but they don't see to be doing much. This cause Mard Geer to be angry and Natsu replies that is what it means to be human.




  • Mard Geer not going down right away.


  • The Twin Dragon Slayers returning even though the cover says that they won't be showing themselves.
  • The Dragon Slayer's wagers.


I know that people have been saying there might be some sort of connection between Acnologia and Mard Geer, and I am starting to see that as well.

I believe that Mard Geer wasn't always a Demon but the son of Acnologia. The reason for this is the first page where it said the battle of Fathers and Sons implying that there are more fathers and sons. And that he can use Telepathy similar to Warren Rocko. And that he might be responsible for starting Tartarus as well.

I knew that Natsu had to have back-up, but never I thought it be Twin Dragons (sigh) I wish they go away.

I don't know what the next chapter "Girl within the Crystal" would mean, but maybe it is a new character or mayber about Minerva.


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