Chapter 403 Review

So this is what I think about the new chapter.

the Good

  • We get to further understand Kyouka's Strengthening Curse, so every second she can increase her strength.
  • Erza In excruciating pain, with all of her senses taken away. She must now use her sixth sense to fight Kyouka.
  • Glad that the fight didn't end right away.
  • The entire chapter was focused on the fight and nothing else.

the Bad

  • The ending when she turned back into her red pants clothing. This indicates a "Erza Victory" next chapter.
  • Her last bit about "Ultimate Pain is the Pain losing that light!" (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Final Rating


Chapter 404 Prediction

The next chapter is called: "00:00"

So for my Prediction for next chapter:

  • We get yet another full chapter of fighting. Both sides with struggle.
  • Erza will win again like always.
  • But, she will fail in stopping face.
  • Last page we see one of the faces activating.

What about you guys?

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