As the anime and manga progresses, I just can't help my self and pause/ stop every now and then, savoring every moment those two have with each other. (I CAN'T HELP IT! THEY'RE JUST AN AWESOME COUPLE!)

But somehow, I'm not contented 'til they finally have a real relationship! Most of the things that are shown in the anime and manga were just hints towards what they truly feel to each other... If only Hiro Mashima would write a chapter wherein Erza visits the place where Jellal was taken away by the Magic Council. IN THAT DAY, I SWEAR I'll have a smile plastered in my face for the next few weeks.

Why oh why did the part that Erza was about to confess (in my point of view, well.. she IS about to confess... I mean, what are those 2 words that comes after "I" after saying some cheesy lines?! :P) got cut off?! And plus, why is the cover page of the chapter Erza in a bridal outfit?! Dammit, manga.. you keep on teasing me T^T

Hopefully, those two would find a way to meet each other again and from that moment, I HOPE SOMETHING WOULD DEVELOP >:D

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