I was thinking about this for a long time already but I don't know why I had the sudden interest to snoop back to the topic! As most of you know, Fairy Tail's Tenrou Team had 7 empty years - not aging and all that. I'm not sure what's the proper term for that... Time skipping, I guess? It can't be time travelling since they're there! And thus, the term "They don't belong on this time period" has been settled. The possibility of them going 7 years back in time, at this point, is a very promising idea. Think of all the possible outcomes!

Sub-theory #1: During the "Doomsday", or the day the Eclipse Plan will commence and will cause chaos and havoc to the Grand Magic Tournament, Lumen Histoire (being Fairy Tail's "light") broke off and equaled the intensity of the Eclipse, triggering an uproar that's going to consume the whole of Fiore! (I know! It's so far-fetched! XD) So, what Ultear suggested was to focus all of their magical power to her (by means of meditation or something?) in order for her Time Magic to intensify to make her transport them all back in time before any of that had happened! But... their memories are still intact (booyah~).

I have just 1 theory at the moment. I have different versions but all of them revolve around Ultear using her Time Magic. Yeah, my mind's not working that well at the moment but I'm VERY interested about all of you people's thoughts about this! Do you think the Tenrou Team will stay at X791 and be with the current Fairy Tail? Or will they go back and make Fairy Tail even stronger and their future brighter? Just comment!

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