Okay, so I got distracted with school again... I hate myself for that! I don't know why but I randomly came up with this XD Probably because of a certain SOMEONE who likes Jellal and Kagura at the SAME TIME? YES. That's probably it! Anyway, this blog post is the first of many (I hope?) of my conspiracy theories about the series! (Jus' so joo know, I made this before Chapter 290 got out! I just didn't post it @_@)

I actually have two ideas about this. First is, although I'm more likely to be wrong, sub-theory number one where Kagura was in love with Jellal when he was still evil XD (even if how much of a GErza/JErza I am and I feel awful about saying this OTL)I know, right? I'm messed up! I know most of you won't see the connection... Neither do I. Maybe I'm just craving for drama at the moment XD I don't have real evidences or whatsoever to support this theory but YEAH. She wants to kill him for breaking her heart! That's all there is to it! >___>

Sub-theory number two is that Jellal was responsible for the murder/massacre of her family and/or love ones and friends. Well, this one is cliche but more realistic. It won't be a conspiracy anymore XD

What do YOU guys think? Why does Kagura hate Jellal (even though he's such a lovable Jelly-bean -3-) Just comment!

EDITED: Wow. I feel so embarrassed most of you got theories that are well thought-out XD I posted for the heck of it! Okay next time, it'll be more detailed and supportive! :P

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