Flame God Slayer

Fire God Slaying Magic

Alright, this is my second blog (my last being The Origins of Fairy Tail) and this time I wanted to start it off with a specific type of magic that we have seen at some points. In my point of view, this is the most OVERRATED MAGIC TO EXIST, Known to all as God Slaying Magic.

One Hit Kill Against Orga

"God Slaying" Geting its A** Owned by a true boss.

First of all, what is a god in the Fairy Tail Universe, because apparently these "Gods" are less then Dragons since the "God" Slayer were so useless in the Dragon fights, and don't get me started on the fight between Orga and Jura (So Terrible by the way). Also how are they considered God Slayer? From reading a book? So apparently if there is a book on Dragon Slaying then anyone can be one? At least Sting and Rouge Killed Dragons (though their dragons were old and sick and wanted to die) so at least their claim is somewhat true.

I have a theory on what God Slaying Magic really is, and mind you all, this is just a thought, so I hope I don't get any haters (probably will though, since haters gotta hate). 400+ years ago Dragon were the Supreme Race of the time, but then one day we are introduced to the Dragon Slayers. Since Dragons were considered supreme and the most powerful creatures to exist, then would't the Dragon Slayer, the ones
Orga's 120mm Black Lightning Cannon

Orga's One Moment of Awesomeness (next to his singing moments)

who can kill these beasts be considered Godlike to the world at the time? After a while people saw them as "gods" so some people (likely Dark Guilds since the magic gives off a black like appearance) created a type of magic that would be superior to the Dragon Slayers which they named "God Slayer Magic" as a means to defeat these Godlike warriors. The Reason why their magic doesn't work well on Dragons is because of how it was created. The magic uses a type of elemental magic that cannot be consumed by the Dragon Slayer, which is why some will view it as a higher class of magic, HOWEVER; because it was made to defeat human dragon slayers, it would do nothing to Dragons since the type of magic is nothing more than a advanced human type magic and not a type of magic that harnesses the TRUE Power of a Dragon, which is the true way to defeat Dragons.

Silver, the man who froze Atlas Flame's Spirit. True epicness!!

There are exceptions to this, such as if one has a extremely high level of Magic Power, such as Silver who holds Demon Slaying Magic, a type of magic that has been confirmed to kill demons by how Silver speaks of killing demons(that and he seems badass enough to do so). If one has high magic power, such as Silver, and Gildarts (if he went against a normal dragon) then you could win against a Dragon even without DS Magic. In simple words, God Slaying Magic is nothing more then Arrogance at its highest, having those who have it believe that they could kill Gods, yet ARE NOT ABLE to beat a Dragon Slayer, Jura, or other Dragons. Hell even Demon Slayers get the job done better then Gold Slayers.

So this is my theory, let me know what you think of it and let me know your theories on God Slaying Magic and how you feel about it.

Also Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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