Ok everyone, this is my first blog so I thought that I would start this up with something interesting. One of my many thoughts while reading this series was how did Fairy Tail start. When I say start I mean the guild itself.
Fairy Tail's birth

The Beginning of Fairy Tail!!

While we all know that the creator of Fairy Tail (Master not the manga creator) was Mavis Vermilion a fairy from over 100+ years from the series starting point. We now know that her along with three other members were the first of the member which included Walrod Cken, Precht (Purehito/Hades), and an unknown third member (maybe we will find out about him in future arcs). While all of that is clear I began to wonder what could have been the reason for Fairy Tail's creation.

I know that Mavis loves to emphasize on the whole "nakama" "family" "bonds" Feelings" "love" stuff as part of her reason, but I feel that there is so much more to it then that. I believe that the true reason for it to exist is hidden within her past. When I say past I mean her clear connection with our favorite dark magic wielding badass/crybaby wizard, Lord Zeref. When we were first shown in chapter 340 the long awaited meeting (when I say that I mean for all of those MavisxZeref
Mavis' threat

Mavis's Epic staredown with Zeref

shippers out there)
Zeref's wrath

Zeref's Epic Staredown with Mavis

it shows that these two clearly have a history with the whole "i can feel you presence Mavis" and the whole "7 year ago you were close to me". they chat about how Zeref seaks death and how the humans for centuries have been making the same mistakes over and over again so Zeref decides to end it by killing everyone. Mavis proclaims that FT will stop him and then they have that EPIC stare off.

Back to my point, I feel that the motive is hidden in the conversation they had. Zeref speaks of how he seeks this "Golden age in the Magic World" and Mavis seems to share this goal with him. So I believe that FT was made not just as a means to defeat Zeref but its to prove to him that the world is finally reach the "Golden Age" that they both have for so long been seeking. Knowing Mashima, when Zeref is beaten by Natsu, he will die with his last words something like "I finally see the light, I finally see the Golden Age that I've dreamed of" and with tears down his eyes as well as everyone else since we will see that Zeref isn't trully a bad guy but just misunderstood by all except Mavis since they both seek the same thing but go at it in different way.

Well that's all I have to say right now, feel free to post what you think Fairy Tail is all about, how you think it will end, what do you all hope to see in the future arcs of Fairy Tail. For all you FT lovers out there FT FTW.

What do we think of Mavis and Zeref?

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How many arcs does everyone think we have until the end of FT?

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Just out of curiosity (unrelated to any of this) what is Obra really?

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Curious question to everyone, does anyone believe that before the final arc we will get a Time Travel Arc?

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