The gate that started a semi-pointless arc.

The reason I'm creating this is because I have seen people confuse and mix up the events of what happened due to all of the time travel so I want to clear things up. If I'm wrong about anything PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I CAN MAKE MISTAKES IM ONLY HUMAN.

To clarify to everyone how the Time Travel worked here is how it goes:

First Timeline: Rouge came to the past from when Acnologia kills everyone. The gate never opens and Acnologia shows up either for the Dragon Festival and to end the human race, or because he was summoned there by Zeref. Its never revealed why he showed up unfortunately, so this is up for debate. He goes to the past using
Acnologia the Black Dragon


the gate that existed to allow the kingdom to go to the past in order to kill Zeref from 400 years ago, to make sure that it is opened during the eclipse so that he can control the dragons that come out of it. In order for this to happen he tells the rulers of Fiore that Eclipse can be used as a weapon to kill dragons that will arrive on 7/7/X791. He knows that a Celestial Mage can close the gate and assumes that Lucy will most likely close the gate if and/or when she finds out what the gates true purpose is so that is why he wants her out of the way (dead or as a result of the second timeline imprisoned).

Second Timeline: Lucy goes to the past from a time when Rouge went to the past and is able to get the gate to open without interference and the 10,000 dragons came out. The reason Rouge doesn't interfere in that time period with Natsu, Lucy and others is because the gang is apparently re captured and are locked up. The reason for their first capture is due to the need for their keys and that the Prime Minister was against the plan, though he didn't know about the Eclipse Cannon and the dragons, and the reason for the second capture is due to the guards and the executioners still thinking that they are fugitives. This would result in the dragons coming out and as they reek havoc, they destroy the castle, resulting in all of the falling rubble to fall on everyone, killing everyone except Lucy who was knocked out for several days. This might of
Magic Council HQ destroyed

ERA destroyed. Imagine this all falling on your back

Carla's Premonition part1

Mercurius (The castle) Collapsing. Imagine all that Natsu and gang felt when this all comes falling on their heads due to the second timeline imprisonment.

been how she lost her arm, as it hints that she no longer has her right arm. (The collapsing of a building, especially one of that size would kill anyone regardless of their magic power and strength, for those who argue that this should not kill them, remember despite how amazingly strong everyone is the are as fragile as any human. In most cases 8-9/10 people die, resulting in sometimes one person being able to survive. 9 out of 11 if we consider the destruction of ERA and the Magic Council Building, since 8 members of the council and Lahar died from the explosion and the rubble that fell on them, except for Doranbolt and Org)

Future Lucy Saving Present Lucy

Rouge trying to kill Lucy, but gets the wrong Lucy.

Current Timeline: The time that we are currently in is a result of Lucy and Rouge going to the past, not knowing of each other and Lucy helping Team Natsu from the present, resulting in them not being captured like they were supposed to in the second timeline. Rouge seeing the scenes from the shadows, arrives to make sure she (present Lucy) dies so she doesn't find out the purpose of the gate and try to close it. He makes up the lie that she will close it to justify the kill, yet also knowing that only she has the means to close the gate, and that knowing her she would close it if she finds out his plans or the true purpose of Eclipse, which she does due to her spirit Crux.

Thank you for all of your time people and again if I missed anything (other than why I decided to make a blog on a crappy arc, due to that result) or if I made any mistakes, feel free to let me know so that i can make corrections.

Future Rogue and Dragon Family

...This had so much potential.

Natsu Defeats Future Rogue

Could have had a better result. (I wish we went to the past instead of the past coming here)

The final results are that seven dragon come out instead of 10,000, which is kinda disappointing yet necessary since 10K is overkill, and even Rouge said that he would never have been able to control 10K dragons. Battles start and it ends with Natsu giving Rouge a beat down that ends with him and Motherglare, a dragon he
Zeref appears

Zeref shows up, and declares a "final" war to Mavis against the whole world.

rides on to fall into the gate destroying it. All from the past go back to their time with memories intact, including those of the present, and Rouge gives Natsu a final warning that he becomes corrupt due to Frosh dying 1 year from now. By the way if time has changed will this even happen? If this arc did anything it shows that Rouge could become an enemy if "darkness" takes him over, the dragon slayer are pathetic since they can't beat a dragon, and that the best thing in the arc is that we see Zeref and Mavis talking with each other at the very end of it. This probably made the shippers of Zeref and Mavis happy since they both were talking to each other as if the were "close" in the past, Mavis reminiscing how "she was close with him seven years ago." and Zeref repeating the sentence, even though he couldn't hear her, though he probably knew that she would say it. Hopefully when this is an anime, it will be made alot better without changing too much of the story, and with no censorship since this arc did show that the Fairy Tail series is heading to darker themed moments.
Makarov uses the sign

Fairy Tail will always be at our side, no matter what arc comes out

I'm BlackWizardZeref people and as my last words on this blog, Fairy Tail Forever.

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