Hello FT Wiki this is BlackWizardZeref and after over a month of not posting any blogs, I am back. This blog will be simple and to the point as everyone will clearly see based on the title of the blog.

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Who's Your Favorite Fairy Tail Character?

For the first segment of this blog I ask the Wiki Users who is their favorite character in Fairy Tail. If you cannot pick one then I'll allow up to three. Briefly explain who is your favorite character and provide your reason for liking that character so much. I will also provide a voting poll in this section of some of my favorites and will include others as well if multiple users request that character. As for myself I will briefly explain to you all my top three favorite characters and will eagerly await the love/hate messages that will follow.

Number 3

When it comes to FT there are a lot of characters that I like, however; in my books the character that will take the Bronze medal in this top 3 listing will be the man of Epicness and Badassery:

Number 2

Before I start, I'll make the next two shorter than my other ones since Jellal was a long one and the next two don't have a lot of info on them anyway. Now to the point the character that takes the Silver in this top 3 favorites is.......

Number 1

We are finally up to the number 1 character that will take the Gold in this Top 3 listing of mine. To some it is probably obvious, but to those who don't know who my favorite character of the Fairy Tail series it is.........

Now that I am finally done with my top three, I can't wait to hear who are your favorite characters. As I stated I will put a poll of some characters that I feel that are some people's favorites as well.

Favorite Character?

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Favorite Dragon Slayer?

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Who is your Least Favorite Characters

I'll make this short. As we put our favorite I'll also ask everyone who is their least favorite character and why,
The Trimens in X791
as for me its Ichiya, no explanation needed. Men. I will also in the future make a poll for the least favorites as soon as I see people posting some of theirs and I'm sure a lot of user will put similar ones. Have fun everyone and have a Happy New Year!!! There is also another character that until recently I forgot about that makes Ichiya look great.
Least Favorite?

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