FT Zero Cover 10

They look so happy...all we need is Zeref in this picture and everyone that made Fairy Tail a thing is there....."What? He taught them all they know! Zeref is pretty much their Sensei"


Hello everyone, I am the BlackWizardZeref and I am here to bring you all a review of Fairy Tail Zero. It's been over a month since my last review (School has been hell) but I'm back and now its time to get into the review. The cover for this chapter is nice....kinda like a family photo. I only hope that this chapter gives me that answer to a very important question.....Is Zeria really there?

Is Zeria Real?!?

Yuri lets Mavis and Zera join

Zeria...I still can't tell...tho you probably are still alive...

We start the chapter with Warrod staring at the cage wondering why the Guild Master is not inside and hopes that everyone is ok. Unfortunately, things are not ok as we see Zeria run over to Precht to see if he knows where Mavis is. I guess she is real after all......I'd be 100% sure if he'd just answer her, but unfortunately for me he doesn't so I'm still not completely sure. We then go to Mavis who brings us to Flashback land with everyone's favorite Black Wizard, Zeref. Zeref is impressed with Mavis's Magic, but Mavis doesn't like how her magic cannot be used for combat so she asks Zeref if he can teach her some combat magic. Zeref asks her if she wants to know black Magic and her response is that of a Derp Face. Ohh Mavis stop killing us with your cuteness. Also I like the panel with them both just chilling with each other...Idk why it just looks nice...peaceful even. Mavis tells Zeref she doesn't care if the magic is Black or White, she just wants the power to fight. Now I see where Makarov got that Magic color speech from (Back on Tenrou when he and Precht/Hades talk).

The Desolation of Yury Dreyar

Mavis and her friends reach a barren Magnolia Town

Fairy Tail Zero: The Desolation of Yury Dreyar. Coming soon to a theater near you!!

We go back to the battle where Mavis uses the greatest spell ever.......The Power of Raining Money!!!!!! YAY!!!! Too bad this is probably an illusion... Mavis uses this magic to lure Yury Dragneel (Cause he's a Dragon right now) sine Yury is a greedy bastard. She jumps onto the Dragon and proclaims that she will use "LAW"......Trafalgar Law? Jk. No I mean the original Fairy Law....I guess she called it Fairy Law for the it's just Law.....Huh.... Anyways, Zeria shows up out of no where and tells Mavis that "The Black Wizard" told them that it would take ten years to master this magic and if she uses it in an incomplete state the risk could be fatal. Mavis doesn't care since she wants to save everyone as well as Yury since she values them all as her friends. I love her determination. She only just met these guys yet its as if they all have been allies for years. Zeria gives her words of encouragement as she readies herself for Law and then gives us the count down.....or count up if you think about it. She then Casts Law, which looks really awesome. Damn I miss that spell. The Jade breaks and Yury is back to normal. All's well that ends well......OR HAS IT?!?! Zeria goes to congratulate Mavis however she is not responding. Is she dead? Is this how Lumen happens? Stay Tuned for the next Chapter of Fairy Tail Zero!!!


Well, that it for the review. I'll put up some polls as usual, and I hope to hear from you all in the next review...or the comments of other reviews....anyway this is The BlackWizardZeref signing off. Till Next Time.

What did you think of the chapter?

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What did you think of the review?

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Is Mavis dead?

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Is Zeria really there?

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Isn't Zeref the best Magic Teacher Ever? (since the origins of the three "Fairy" Spells are from him?)

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