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Hello everyone of the Fairy Tail Wiki, this is everyone favorite Black Wizard, Zeref here to bring you a chapter review of Fairy Tail Chapter 444: Emperor Spriggan. Before we get started, I must say that it is great to be reviewing Fairy Tail again. It's been quite some time since my last review (Ch. 436 AKA Zeref's Past if I recall correctly) so I apologize if this review seems a little rusty.

I must say that the cover page for the chapter is quite nice. Always good to get that Juvia greatness in there...although it wasn't like last chapter........oh man........ahem..ok anyways, let's get on with the review. By the way did anyone else think of SAO when you heard the name "Spriggan", the race Kirito played as? Maybe? Maybe? No? Ok, just me then.

Brandish Power Revealed? Transportation Hazards

So the chapter starts off with everyone on the island getting on ships due to the island being erased. Erza however reveals that the island didn't disappear, but instead was reduced in size, revealing that the Lovely Miss. Brandish's power was Matter Manipulation by means of Enlarging and Shrinking Object, People, etc. Man, the Viagra companies should been trying to recruit her.....maybe she can help them with their "little" problem. BD Anyways, the Dragon Slayers are trying to coup with their weakness with transportation, when suddenly they are teleported to another location by Mest. Where exactly? Why The Kingdom of Atlantis of Course!! Natsu and Wendy are currently enjoying the feeling of not being on transportation and enjoying the senery when suddenly The Location of theirs transforms into transportation. " NO!!! MY ONE WEAKNESS!!!" Next page we get told that this is the Moving Temple Olympia, and the Captain of this building.. is Sorano also known as Angel. The Lovliess have increased!! Yay! Sorano reminds everyone that they aren't allies and that she only owes them a favor, and to double remind us, she reminds everyone that she killed Karen...which isn't a bitch move since Karen was a bitch to begin with. We then find out that the destination to where they are heading right now is to where Makarov is.

Makarov Is Playing Duel Mosters, and Spriggan Revealed! All Hail Lelouch anyone?

Makarov X792

IT'S TIME TO Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-DUEL!!!!!

Meanwhile, at the Kingdom of Alvalez, we get the greatest duel mosters game in history, Makarov Vs Some Old Guy!!! Wait what? So this is what Makarov has been doing for the past year? Playng Yu-Gi-Oh....seems legit. I'm just kidding. But he is playing a card game with someone that is certain. We get revealed the Emperor of Spriggan is really a very chilled guy who is letting Makarov stay as a guest while he is a way for the year and is also open to negotiations. Wow what a nice guy! Makarov hears about the Fairy Tail Revival Arc, and is more shocked with his standing right now. Guess he didn't give much of a F@uck like the most of us. Apparently the King is someone who tries to avoid bloodlust and violence at all times, while at the same time he keeps a firm and forceful grip on the guilds in the Kingdom. Damn the Emperor must be strong to have that kind of hold.

Zeref as Emperor Spriggan


Suddenly, we here cheering outside, indicating the the Benevolent Emperor Spriggan has returned!! Apparently he has been gone for a year now. Hmm interesting. Who do we know that's been to parts unknown for a year know. And apparently he disappears a lot. it couldn't be....wait...that silhouette...OMFG.....IS IT? OMFG IT IS!!! IT'S EMPEROR LELOUCH!!!!!!! I'M Just Kidding....IT'S EMPEROR ZEREF!!!!!! ALL HAIL ZEREF!!!! ALL AHIL ZEREF!!!!! The readers are shocked and so is Makarov.

-Chapter End

Final Thoughts

So Zeref is Emperor....makes sense if you think about it. Remember the scene from where Zeref reveals Natsu is END? It looked like he was in a palace or something. That must have been where he was. My one question after hearing about this kingdom was why did they wait so long after the invasion of X781? The Answer, a change in Leadership from past Ruler to Emperor Zeref. Remember from ????-X784 he was on Tenrou Island, separating himself from society in general so at that point he wouldn't be king at the time so he must have became King during the Timeskip. And he claimed to be dong nothing....Zeref you troller you.

Oh I hope the next chapter goes something like this:

  • Makarov:" you are the King. Didn't see that one coming."
  • Zeref: "Indeed. If you thought that was shocking"...."By the way thank you for taking care of my little Brother in your guild for all of these years. It means a lot to me."
  • Makarov: "Hmm? Oh no problem, anything for the youngsters......wait a minute YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER IS IN MY GUILD?!?! WAIT YOU HAVE A YOUNGER BROTHER?!?!?!"
  • Zeref: "Yep and by the way.....its Natsu..Etherius Natsu Dragneel. E.N.D!"
  • Makarov: "OMFG!!!!!! THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME!!!!!! WHAT'S NEXT?"

Mavis walks in.

  • Mavis: "Oh hey Sixth, hey honey!"
  • Zeref: Hugs Mavis. "Hey Mavis."
  • Makarov: "WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. GOING. ON. HERE?"

As for the Rating of this Chapter I think it's obvious that I'd give this a 10/10.

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