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My Girl Lucy, looking great as always!!


Hello Everybody, my name is The BlackWizardZeref and I am here to give you my review of Fairy Tail Chapter 418: The Challenger. I know that I'm making this review late, but this got me hype to the 10th degree so I just had to write about none of my friends like Fairy Tail...or manga in that matter, so I have no one to talk to about this chapter, which is why I'm here. Lets Start off with that three page color page. .........OH YEAH MY GIRL LUCY IS LOOKING FINE AND STILL HAS THOSE CURVES IN ALL OF THE RIGHT PLACES........HELL SHE IS LOOKING EVEN BETTER THEN BEFORE!!!!!! We got Lucy in the shower and were getting a view of DEM LUCY TITTIES!!! YES!! YES!!! COOL!! COOL!! I feel like that reporter guy Jason. Anyways, now that I got my Lucy Fanboy feels out, its time to move on with the review.

Detective Heartfilia, Lucy Heartfilia


Discount Jura....with hair.

We start this chapter off with a repressed memory getting revealed to us again AKA The Grand Magic Games.....OH GOD NO!!! I Spent all of Tartarus trying to forget that, and now I remember it again. We got Yajima, and that guy with the wig (I forgot him name) commenting about the two individuals fighting, one of which litterally looks like Jura with hair. I was like DAMN Jura changed in this 1 year timeskip...but then I realized that this guy is some crusty named Chrissac fighting some dwarf guy.

We then go to Jason....oh wow I was just talking about Jason and now here he is....anyway we go to Jason who then tals to his sexy employee who is none other then Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is know working with Weekly Socceror as a editor which honestly is fitting for her since she wants to be a writer so this can help her while she creates her greatest masterpiece, "Fairy Tail" which will tell her adventures of her and Natsu....and you all thought the author was Hiro Anyways, those two fight and Discount Jura wins. Lucy talks about how the guild disbands and how everyone was ok with it because they knew Makarov's intentions with it....To Get Them Stronger Of Course!! Lucy also moves be an underwear model....And there is that fanservice...but Lucy doesn't want that and so she becomes an editor. As the fourth day of the GMG's ends Jason is sad that the games are sucking since none of the important guilds are in it.....hell even Cuatro Puppy would have been nice to see. Of course Jason is sad that Fairy Tail isn't there, which gets all of us feeling depressed.

Lucy chart

Sherlock Holmes: Fairy Tail Style Introducing Detective Lucy Heartfilia!!!

We then go back to the home of Lucy, where she talks about how she hasn't been in contact with anyone in the guild for a year, mainly because she doesn't have the courage to do so. She does want to see them tho....and so do I. Imagine what everyone is probably like right now? We find out that the reason she became a reporter was because she has been tracking down all information regarding everyone in the guild during the one year time skip. Looking at that wall reminded me of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, when Holmes had that wall linking every event with Moriarty. Damn she is good. I'm impressed with her detective skills in finding any and all info on Fairy Tail. So far nothing on Natsu and Happy, which gets her all depressed.

The Challenger Arrives, A Blazing Inferno Erupts

Natsu in X792


We now go to the final day of the GMG.....YAY we aren't going to have to suffer through each day of it. Anyways,the match consists of Dullahanhead vs Skull Millione. Lucy shows up and gives no fuck...and so do I. She says that Skull will win because they are hiding their strength and its because of money.....which is proven true on the next page. Damn she really should be a detective. As the "Strongest Guild" celebrates, an unknown person shows up. Wait a minute....that cloak...that tattered cloak....OMG Is it Gildarts? Lucy gets a feeling and warns the officials to evacuate the arena. The next thing we see in a large amount of steam engulfing the entire arena as the individual is readying himself for battle. wait I'll wait for the reveal.... Flames come out of no where and its so hot that the arena and everyones clothes are melting off.....OMG IT IS!!!!!!! We see that it is none other than NATSU DRAGNEEL!!!!! OMFG He looks so epic and overpowered right now!!!! He has guildarts cloak, and has longer hair...and possibly a tatoo on his cheek but I can't tell. Everyone is going HAM AND "COOOOOOOOOLLLLL" at this and Natsu kicks all of the crusties asses. Happy shows up and tells Lucy that Natsu was going to watch the Games, but God knows that not going to happen as he wreaks everyone there.Both Winners and losers. Natsu's power is so badass that the entire GMG arena is melting to nothing....YEAH GO NATSU ERASE THESE GAMES FROM EXISTENCE!!!!!!! Natsu looks up and sees Lucy and smiles at his friend that he hasn't seen in a year. Lucy also is happy, for Natsu's return and because there is a good chance that Fairy Tail is coming back again.

My Feelings and Polls for Everyone

With that, I have to say that I'm feeling very hype for Fairy Tail right now. It looks like we will be getting a mini arc of Fairy Tail's Revival with each chapter likely showcasing everyone coming back and their change from the one year skip. I hope Erza hooked up with Jellal,and that Gray finally tapped that Juvia booty. This was a great way to start a new arc in Fairy Tail and I cannot wait for the new chapter. Imagine if Zeref shows up and reveals to Natsu who he really is? That'd be awesome. I doubt that since that will likely happen during a battle with Acnologia...with Natsu finding out himself as he is possessed by END. Anyways here is my rating and here are the polls:

Final Rating: Fairy Tail Chapter 418: The Challenger

  • 11/10 for the hype its producing!!!
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