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Introduction and Review on Cover Page

Hello all wikia user this is BlackWizardZeref here, and once again I'm here to provide all who love (or love to hate) Fairy Tail a review on its 400th Chapter......damn time has gone by...I can still remember when this all began. Anyways, this chapter was epic in many ways but I will not discuss that here, that is for the review of the chapter. For now I will review DAT COVER PAGE!!! It looked awesome as hell, seeing Natsu use his flames to spell out 400, even he knows this is going to be awesome. right next to him is my girl Lucy Heartfellia is that position that gives us yet another view of DAT ASS!!! B) The colors in the cover page also help make it pop which I liked and other than that I guess that's pretty much it. Now that this review is over lets get to Acnologia, The Dragon King!!!!

The Chapter 400 Review

The Acnologia has Risen

Ok first of all, I'm going to start these reviews in a new style so that you can click on the section you want to read right on top instead of just scrolling down.

Now that that is out of the way......We begin our chapter with The Acnologia, The King of Dragons at full speed towards the battlefield while at the same time fucking shit up as he gets there. The shock waves from his speed is shaking and destroying the ground which was awesome!!! He also lets out a roar on the landscape which destroyed a lot more stuff....I only wish I knew what...maybe Magnolia. There are explosions and carnage everywhere so that scene was done beautifully. (When I get that picture of Acnologia destruction I'll put it on here).

Down Below everyone is realizing that Acnologia is here and is here to kill everyone. All members of Fairy Tail are freaking out, from Romeo's father with his jaw on the ground, to that weird dancing guy calling for The First, yeah.....NO. We are NOT getting DAT MAVIS SHIELD OF BONDS!!!!!! Kana is freaking out going all "he's here", and "what did we do to deserve this", and etc. Erza also sees Acnologia and even Kyouka is surprised!! The Exceeds are dumbfounded, and Wendy is still on the ground shaking and going "Tu-Thump". Even Doranbolt is freaking out when he realizes its Acnologia.

"Tu-Thumps"....."Tu-Thumps" Everywhere

The reaction of Natsu's body to Acnologia

We go back to Natsu, who is also going "tu-thump"....Maybe its a Dragon Slayer thing. Lucy goes up to Natsu to see how he is doing (am I the only one shocked that she isn't panicking...oh wait she knows that Natsu is going to win somehow nevermind) and as she puts her hand on his she gets burned. We now see Gajeel who is also going "tu-thump" which concerns both Lucy and Levy. Juvia states that the dragoin slayers are reacting to Acnologia....yeah bitch of course they are...they know they got to fight that thing. In all of there minds they must be thinkin "oh hell no". We go to Mard Geer who is in front of the Twin Dragon Slayers who are also "tu-thumping"(hey it is a Dragon Slayer Thing), and even Mard Geer is all "Even Mard Geer can't tell whats going to happen". This bastard would get along with Juvia real well since they love talking in the third person.

We now go back to the members of Fairy Tail, who are preparing themselves for Acnologia as Elfman is all "Im a MAN!!! Lets fight" while everyone else is all "We are going to die"....yeah that is a possibility....that or they will die in the later arc (the one with Zeref taking charge). Anyways they all run to take cover and to keep Laxus safe and they should since they will need him. It sends Shock Waves just by flying and is knocking everyone down which was awesome. It is then "revealed" by Mard Geer that Acnologia is searching for END, and possibly fears him. Fears Him? Acnologia fears END? Damn now I want to see END!!!!

The Return of a Father, "I will Always be with You"

Igneel emerges from Natsu's body


We now go back to Acnologia, who is preparing yet another "Acnologia Roar" the kind that destroy islands, when we suddendly go to Natsu who hears a voice call out to him. For a second I thought this was END inside of him saying its time for me to awaken, but I was wrong...and I'm glad I was because we are told that it is Igneel talking to his son. Igneel tells Natsu that he must defeat ENd while he takes care of Acnologia, and that he is sorry for everything he put Natsu through, while getting Flashbacks of Natsu's memories regarding Igneel. Suddenly a ball of light comes from Natsu's chest and as the light engulfs him we see that Igneel appears from above. IGNEEL IS HERE!!!! AND HE WAS INSIDE OF NATSU THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!! Wait..what? OK IDK IF THAT DOESN'T MAKE TOO MUCH SENSE, I JUST CARE THAT IGNELL IS HERE!!!!!

He tells Natsu that he cannot explain everything right now but tells him that he will hold off Acnologia and tells Natsu "LIVE NATSU" while at the same time headbashing Acnologia is the gut while looks like it hurt him!!!!!! OMG that Ingeel shot was cool!!! The Dragon Cage Match is going to start as Acnologia and Igneel are ready to fight one another. We end this chapter with Natsu starting to cry as he gets to finally see his father after 14 years of waiting and searching.

End of Chapter Statement

OK now that the chapter is done who here is pumped regarding Acnologia Vs Igneel!?!?! Also I wonder if the Parents of ALL of the Dragon Slayers are going to pop out of them. If so that would be awesome!!! Also imagine if Sting and Rogue didn't kill their parents and all of this time they have been sleeping inside of them? That would make sense since I found it hard to believe that Sting and Rogue could kill any dragon, let alone their parent dragons. I am so excited for the things to come: from Acnologia vs Igneel, to a Natsu vs END Incoming, to END making Acnologia nervous!!! DAMN!!! Anyways that's all I have for this chapter. Let me know what you guys thought about this chapter, let me know what you think is coming next time on Fairy Tail, and most of all let me know what you thought about this review.

As usual, I will leave below my rating for this chapter as well as some polls since I know everyone loves those!! So as a send off to all who read this, THIS IS BLACKWIZARDZEREF TELLING YOU ALL Fairy Tail Is LOVE, Fairy Tail is Life!!!


Chapter 400: Wings of Hope
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The Two Kings
Future Rogue and Acnologia
Atlas Flame remembers Igneel

"As these two legends confront each other, they begin a battle that will be spoken of by even the Gods above"


The Chapter Overall

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Acnologia Vs. Igneel Incoming

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Acnologia Fears END!?!

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Dragons In Kids

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Igneel's Entrance

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The Lack of Pictures

This will only be up until there are more pictures on the wikia. I would post some but whenever I do, I mess up and get the copyright issue thrown on me. I'm on my last warning so I figured I'll just wait instead of taking the chance. Sorry for a picture-less review.


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