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Hello FT wiki users, BWZ here ready to give you a chapter review. Since where I am it's 4 A.M I will make this a short review when compared to my other ones. Sorry for misspells since I'm tired and since I'm doing this review via iPhone. Ok here is the chapter review. (Will be updated later)

Keith's Trolling and Ecchiness

Lucy attacked by Keyes' skeleton
We start off this chapter with Natsu and company fighting off the members of the 9 Gates having some difficulty. Juvia tries to contact Silver but to no result. She then goes to attack Keith only for him to use his commentary powers (he's been doing this for several chapters now) and tells Juvia that he knew all about Silver's rebellion against them but he didn't mind it since that was what made him strong.
Juvia defeats Keyes
He then proclaims that humans are nothing but tools and experiments to him (sounds a little like Orochimaru) with Juvia proclaiming that humans aren't his to use. Keith then uses his ecchi tentacle ability and attempts to grope Juvia.......I mean bind her. Unable to move Juvia is helpless as Keith questions her resolve to defeat him wondering if she really can, to her saying that she can't. Seeing Juvia in trouble Lucy inches towards her only to be pounced by a skull guy. Apparently it Keith City of Skulls ability. Keith proclaiming that human feelings get in the way of what is necessary and in the process absorbs Juvia.

The "Death" of a Father, Ends Identity Revealed?

Gray the New Ice Devil Slayer

Believing that he killed her he gets ready to fight the rest, however Juvia turns herself to water and attacks Keith from the inside which results in Keith exploding. With Keith dead Silver fades away bit not without thanking Kuvia and giving Gray a tattoo (likely the essence of his power or something). Before Silver "dies" he tells his son something....something about END.....something I saw coming and am not entirely happy about.....END is a FIRE demon. I see where this is going....Damn It. The Natsu theory is looking like a good possibility, remember Silver saw Natsu and said "of all people"/"it can't be" depending on translation hinting that he knows who End is and is pissed that Ends vessel is here. I bet he placed that blade there in hopes that Natsu could get away or something so he couldn't become End or something. As for how I liked this chapter, I liked it. I'll give my rating later since it's bad enough I'm doing this on a phone. Hope you guys like my review and if not don't worry I'll fix it later. This is BlackWizardZeref saying Fairy Tail Forever!!

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