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Hello everyone, BlackWizardZeref here once again and I am ready after several weeks to put up a chapter review. As for the reason why I've been absent for a while, college has been killing me. Anyway enough of my life, lets get on with what matters; this chapter.

As far as covers go, this one made me laugh. I love how Mashima did a spoof on Snow White. Lucy as Snow White seems fitting, Gray as Nakey funny, Natsu as Tricky fitting, Wendy as Bashful.....where is Disney and "why didn't they sue?", Happy as Happy......"Really?", Loke as Flirty fitting, Erza as Grumpy....."oh no who stole her cake?", Carla as Teacher...."Who cares?". Ok now that I gave the chapter some notice, I can finally start reviewing this chapter.

Disappointment and Punishment

Kyôka is Punished

She had it coming.....however, I bet she likes it!

We start things off with Kyouka giving Mard Geer, The King of Hades (Underworld), an update on everything that has been going on so far, mainly that Fairy Tail was more powerful then they thought, much to no ones surprise since god knows how many have underestimated Fairy Tail before. Mard also notes that Tartarus has lost Sayla and Hell's Core as well, much to Kyouka's surprise. Kyouka then says that its time to wake up END, but Mard says that its impossible right now since they do not have enough "Curse Power" to awaken him. Mard then starts to talk about the "big picture of things" and how Kyouka doesn't see it at all. Being sure of himself that the Magic will vanish eventually and that Face being destroyed isn't a problem leads him to ask Kyouka who they are. "We are Tartarus" and "Human are beneath us" are Kyouka's words. The next panel we see thorns and roots come out of nowhere and bind Kyouka. Mard reminds Kyouka that she was toying and having fun with the humans earlier, claiming that she has a fondness to humans. Kyouka, while being tortured, denies this, and at the same time questions why Mard is doing this. His response, "He is disgusted that she would play around with lower than insects". After saying that he wouldn't want the humans to soil their grounds, Mard prepares to use Alegria.

Release The Krak...I mean Light!!!

Meanwhille we see Natsu and Lucy, who is currently tying up a cloth as a means to replace yet another of her shirts in order to cover up DEM TITTIES! All of a sudden, Warren of Fairy Tail, who I up till now forgot about, communicates with them along with the rest of Fairy Tail to inform everyone that Mira and Elfman are OK, and Lucy informs everyone that Wendy and Carla have succeeded in destroying Face. Happy joins in and informs Makarov Master Hades final words to them "release the light" which leads Makarov to immediately think of Lumen Histoire. By the way am I the only one who though of Liam Neison saying "Release The Kraken" after reading "Release The Light"?


All of the sudden Warren's telepathy gets hijacked by Mard who introduces himself, but at the same time says that it doesn't matter since they will all die here and now. The next panel shows him activating Alegria, which apparently is Cube. Cube begins to transform and as it does, everyone starts to get pulled into the walls of Tartarus. According to Kyouka, even their own soldiers are being sucked in, which concerns her, but not Mard. Hell even Minerva is pissed since Erza is "Her prey".....oh come on just admit you love Erza and Dat booty! Apparently, according to Mard's words, Cube is like a prison, or in his words "The Inside of The Plutogrim", which in exterior appearances looks like a huge floating monster with a castle on its head.

The Long Awaited Savior....or Trollage of the Year

Kyôka without her helmet

Could it Be?

Who wants to Dance with Lucy rkrkwk


Elsewhere, we see Silver lounging all by himself saying how this is such a boring curse and that "We probably won't meet again". I wonder who he was referring to. Natsu? Lissanna? GRAY (His son in my books)? The next panel shows Silver, Kyouka who has lost part of her helmet after being tortured, and Mard in surprise that one person has not been absorbed into Alegria. Who could it be? Is it Gildarts? No it's almost better than that. IT'S LUCY!!!! After pulling off a luck that is considered "one in a billion", Lucy is the only member to have made it out ok. IS THIS IT? IS THIS FINALLY HER TIME TO SHINE? ITS ALL ON LUCY, AND PLEASE HIRO DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!!! WE HAVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS!!!

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