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Looks like Juvia found her "Male Waifu".


Hello everyone, this is the BlackWizardZeref here NOT bringing you a review this time. Instead I wanted to have some fun and bring in all of those fans who love the Fairy Tail females. As you can clearly tell in the title I am asking you gentleman....or ladies......or unbalanced individuals...or just anyone I guess one single question:


Fairy Girls

So Many little time...


My two Waifus in one pic

Above and to the right I'm sure that you will get some inspiration for your decision for your Waifu. As for myself, when it comes to Fairy Tail characters, and when I say FT characters I don't mean they have to be in the guild, I choose: Lucy Heartfeilia.

Fairness to Other Fans

Tri men

Inspiration....or not...MEN!!

Zeref warns Natsu

This in Elfman's words..."A MAN"...and likely the most attractive male villain ever. Voldermort wishes he was this Dark Lord...

As a bonus I will include a part two to this as well. For those who love the male characters of the series I will include a "Choose your Man" section to this as well where you will choose your favorite Male character whether you want them as your "waifu"(I don't know the male term for this...don't hate me...) or you just think that this male character is just an Epic/Great/Inspiring/Impactful/etc character in the series. As for you need to ask....Zeref-Sempai. As with the ladies I will leave you inspiration for this decision as well.

With this I leave the rest to you, the people, to decide who your waifu (and/or male favorite) is. This is the BlackWizardZeref signing out. Peace......sign...I wish there was a checkbox poll so then people can check multiple options for their to choose one....also there are too many characters so this is why I'm not doing a polls on this blog, in case the people who know my posts are wondering why there are no polls on this one.

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