Hello everyone. I know that I'm posting this very late, but it's been crazy for me. Finals, Projects, Final Projects, Graduating from College, Applying to Grad School, etc. In a nut shell I've been running busy all day. However, since I AM the Black Wizard Zeref and I'm overdue for a Fairy Tail review, I'm here to bring you a Chapter review of Chapter 436 Memoirs.......with a brief mentioning of Chapter 435 since not much happened in that chapter. Now enough of me rambling! It's time to get on with the show!!!

Chapter 435: Victory Shout

Cover 435

Here's the chapter! All in a nutshell!

This section will just be the review. No fancy titles for each section, just the about 5-10 sentences since that would summarize the chapter! Anyways, we start off from where Natsu One-Shotted the War God much to many fans dismay. The Garou Knights 2.0 AKA Avatar The Crusties are shocked at what happened, and a few pages later of filler-like content of Erza staring at Natsu which I assume is Hiro's attempts of trying to ruin Carry's JellalXErza pairing, Gajeel comes in with his Police Force (That's the only kind of force Hiro plans to give him btw.) and arrests them all. Gajeel also wants to arrest all of Fairy Tail for various funny reasons (Too much revealing clothing, being too wet, Wendy's loli theme in general, etc.). We then get 3-6 pages of Natsu and Erza thinking that Gajeel is NOT Gajeel so there's that. We then get the gang chearing for Victory, and then Sting and Rogue show up. OH GOD IS THIS WHEN IT HAPPENS?!?! NO Just Kidding. Gray sees Frosch and talks about how adorable he is. Natsu is releaved. The End

The one thing I will say that appears important is the fact that you get a panel of Rogue's shadow appearing to be waiting for something so maybe this isn't over yet. Next Arc Shadow Rogue? Maybe Please. No? Ok.

Rating: 5/10 Average....nothing really happened.

Chapter 436: Memoirs

Cover 436

The Origin Story of My Boy Zeref!! Yes!!

The Origins of the Black Wizard

I started reading Fairy Tail since chapter 300, so I've been waiting 3+ years for this chapter to finally come out. The origins of The Black Wizard Zeref, my favorite character in the to Mavis and Jellal of course. First of all, I like the cover since this was a chapter I did not see coming anytime soon. I read this and I was all "wait...The Story of ZEREF?!?! Yes!!!" Anyways, the chapter starts with the setting being over 400 years ago. How long exactly? IDK they never tell us. It's just over 400 years. Hiro doesn't feel like giving us a date like he did with Fairy Tail Zero. We eneter the Magic Academy of Mildian, which reminds me of some Roman like timeline with the robes and building structure. Zeref is shown as an adorable little kid handing in his final exam....I'm just messing he hands the Sensei's a paper on his theories on "Life and Death". His Sensei's tell Zeref that this is dangerous work to persue since this may bring forth the Wrath of Ancselem, The God of Life and Death. So that's what Arcselem is. Hopefully it is a better God then the one that got One Shotted by Natsu. Confused, Zeref walks away wondering what's so bad about researching why people live and die.

The Curse of the God Arcselem

We then go to present day Zeref waking up from his dream of the past. He then talks to Natsu (The Book of END) how he once had a brother who die after a few years of living, and how he couldn't accept his death so he researched all ways to bring him back to life. Huh. So Zeref= Edward Elric! Cool. We then go back to the past where Zeref shares his ideas, such as The R-System....we all remember that one. Once again the Old Sensei tells Zeref not to look into this type of Magic as it is dangerous. The next page we get the Old Sensei warning Zeref once again, but this time its on the creation of the Eclipse Project. It's hinted that Zeref plans to go back in time to prevent his brothers death. Unfortunately, since Zeref has broken one to many rules, the Academy has issued his expulsion. Shocked, Zeref begins to freak out after his Sensei tells him that his brother will Never come back, when suddenly a black matter begins to emit itself from Zeref's body. Oh Boy so this is how it all starts! In an instant Zeref's magic kills everyone in the Academy. He has been Cursed by the God Arcselem! I'm feeling a Kratos theme here!

The Beginning of Everything, and The Shocking Appearance of a Destructive Foe

E.N.D. is born

It's so cute! The Origin of Natsu Dragneel!

At this point Zeref talks about his plans from that point forward. He talks of how he wants to die to atone for his sins and so that he will no longer live a cursed immortal life. The immortality can be seen as a Full Metal Alchemist Style since the life force of those he kills grants him his long lifespan. He talks of how he created The Etherius out of the Ether that makes up all magic, but they were not strong enough to kill him, so then he works on his Final Creation, END. Etherius Natsu Dragneel. In truth, he is only half of a creation sinc ethe base body of Natsu is in reality Zeref's deceased brother that he has been preserving in the hopes of reviving him. "The Ultimate Etherius Creation and The Resurrection of My Little Brother". Zeref reveals his name as Zeref Dragneel, Natsu Dragneel's Older Brother. OMFG! I once had a theory of this. I taught that maybe Natsu's appearance is based on someone Zeref once knew. Maybe a friend or family member. I even said brother once, but dismissed it immediately. Damn. Can't believe that I called it at one point.
Human Acno


Zeref then proceeds to troll us all by saying that he will leave the story of how Natsu came into contact with Igneel and Zeref's relation with Mavis for another day! Zeref, damn. Didn't know you could troll. As if this chapter couldn't get better, Hiro decides to prove me wrong by bringing in a surprise meeting between Zeref and an well known figure. Acnologia! In his human form!!! Zeref proclaims how its strange that Acnologia, someone who could have destroyed the world at anytime hasn't done so. Acnologia remarks the same thing to Zeref, also claiming that Zeref is likely waiting for something. Zeref then proclaims his declaration of war to both Acnologia and all of Humanity and that the Ultimate Battle between Human, Dragon, and the Immortal is approaching. Acnologia smiles to this declaration, ending the chapter.

Rating: 11/10

Final Remarks and Theory Time

Now that my reviews are over, I will tell you now that the first chapter was meh, while the second chapter was one of the best chapters I've ever read in Fairy Tail. Now that I'm done with the review I have one more thing to share. I have a theory and it is based on the connection between Natsu, Igneel, and Zeref. My theory is that Igneel once had two other children before taking care of Natsu 14+ years ago. I believe that the two children are Zeref Dragneel and Natsu Dragneel, Zeref's brother while he was alive. Remember fans, that Dragneel is a combination of two names: DRAGon and igNEEL! See what I did there! If you notice in Zeref's origin chapter, he doesn't have parents, so its safe to say that they died shortly after Natsu was born. Zeref wandering with his brother trying to take care of him, they are found by Igneel who had a soft sid eto humans and saw potential in them. Unfortionately Natsu dies, possibly of illness. Zeref unable to take this decdes to find a way to revive his brother and thus leaves Igneel in search of this hope. He and Igneel don't see each other again until the day that Igneel sees END. Shocked that the boy he once took care of is now not only alive but also a demon, Igneel decides, due to his feelings for what the boy once was, to not kill him. Zeref then requests Igneel to take care of the boy and train him to become strong enough to kill him one day. Igneel out of empathy for his two sons decides to go with this plan, but on one condition. Since he knows of Eclipse from his son, he requests Zeref to send Natsu to a time where it is peaceful and not hellish as is the time period they currently live in. Zeref agrees to this and sends Natsu forward 400 years into the future where Igneel finds Natsu again and trains him as his son for the second time.

Hope you guys like this theory of mine. Since it is late I probably messed up on some parts so forgive me for that. Anyway I'll leave 2-3 polls and go from there.


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