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Hello people, it's BlackWizardZeref here and I'm here today to bring up an interesting theory of mine that I would like to share. As we are all aware, Fairy Tail is battling Tartaros in order to stop them from activating Face and so far they are not doing that good of a job. After Chapter 373, we find out that Fairy Tail has 41 minutes to stop the activation process from occurring. Now to get to the point of this blog, I was thinking of whether or not it was a good thing or a bad thing of Face being activated. While on the bad end of it everyone except Tartaros loses magic, the positive side would be that this would effect Zeref as well, a being that is so powerful that he makes most of Tartaros look like fodder characters. Now if everyone has time and patience, I will begin to list the positives and negatives of Face being activated.

The Negatives

Starting off with the negatives lets get to the obvious one of them all: Tartaros. Without magic, it's true that Tartaros will be the only thing in the continent that can use magic.......I mean curses while everyone else can't use anything. While this would be grime for everyone, that doesn't mean that Fairy Tail can't use their "Friendship Power" to save the day. It worked on Hades, so I'm sure that it could work on Tartaros, except for END and maybe Silver, depending on whose side he is really on. I'm curious as to who he is allied to due to his connection with Gray and due to him being a Devil Slayer. I'm sure Mashima didn't just give him that power for nothing. Anyway on to the next negative.

The next issue would be another big one:No magic. While I touched on this in the first one, I want to separate this from Tartaros since even if Tartaros wasn't a threat at the moment, this would still be a issue regardless. Basically, without magic Fairy Tail would be reduced to an Edolas world where no one can use magic, thus killing the story by a great scale,however; if this did happen it would deliver a ton of character development on everyone since without magic the country will have to survive without it, and maybe becoming more powerful in the long run. though this would be if Tartaros wasn't here, so since they are, without magic, unless they can access Nakama power they will all be SkullF^cked by Tartaros.

The Positives

Now while there are a good amount of negatives, one needs to look at this in a positive point of view. This is something I just thought of but without magic wouldn't the demons of Tartaros, creatures that were created by Zeref through the use of magic disappear as well? Think about it, Zeref's demon in a sense are examples of Living Magic just dubbed with the name Demon. Even though they have their curses they owe their existence to magic so if all of the magic in the continent got shut off by an anti magic pulse bomb wouldn't all creature made by magic be affected as well? While I'm on this topic, what about Acnologia? His transformation into a Dragon was based off of Back Magic and Living Magic aka Zeref. Wouldn't the Pulse Bomb Face deactivate Acnologia's Magic induced transformation reverting him back to a human? A human I might add with no magic? Talk about taking out two threats with one Face.

The next positive would have to be my favorite: Zeref. Zeref is by far the greatest threat to the magic world going so far as to say that he plans to exterminate every person on it, leaving no one behind. With the magic being negated this would likely hit Zeref as well, neutralizing all of his magic. In my point of view this is a positive and a negative. While we will never get to see a "Final Battle" we will get to see Zeref live a normal life without the fear of his magic going haywire and killing all he comes in contact with. This would result in Zeref being a happy carefree person, who may even befriend his "destined destroyer" Natsu, since he seems to have grown fond of him.


Magic Weapon Face

To activate or Not Activate. That is the question.

While there are more Pos/Neg out there I'm getting lazy and am going to end it now. If anyone can think of things that I didn't please post it in the comments section. If anyone comes up with anything good I'll add it to the listing above as well as crediting that person for the idea. Just make sure you label it in the comments as a Negative or a Positive or even a Neutral. Also let me know what you think of what I posted so far. Also as tradition of all of my blogs I will put a polling section at the bottom of this Blog. Well, as always people I'm BlackWizardZeref and as a final message (besides the polls) keep watching/reading Fairy Tail.


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