Intro: Recap and Introductions from a Black Wizard

Cover 416
Hello everyone of the wikiverse, your boy The BlackWizardZeref is back after a 2+ month hiatus to give you not one but two reviews. With Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail Zero coming out on the same day, and since both have an appearance of yours truly, I just can't help but want to review them both. Ice Trail also came out but I don't really care about that one......except for maybe seeing Gildarts in it at least. Now then onto the review.

I've been out of the game for some time so I hope none of you mind I do a quick recap of the past chapters. Last time on Dragonball I mean Fairy Tail, Acnologia and Igneel fought a grand battle which resulted in the death of Igneel and a One Armed Acnologia. Wow payback is a bitch Acnologia, I bet if Gildarts was there he'd be laughing his ass off. Meanwhile, the other dragons go to their slayers only to tell them that they are already dead.....really? Damn that sucks, I was hoping that they would train them for the final battle....well at least this is good development for them. Now it's been one week since that sad event which brings us to this weeks concluding chapter of the Tartarus Arc, the greatest arc in Fairy Tail.....for now.

"Can we build it? No we can't"

Fairy Tail Ruins

Yeah.....this might take a while to fix.

We start off with Makarov outside of Lumen Histiore, which means we are going to have to wait until the final arc to know what it does. He tells everyone how we aren't building the guild again because honestly that has been done so many times that its getting tiring. Elfman blames himself and he should since he did this, but Makkarov is too kind and says that no one is to blame. Makarov also states that its the "End of an Era", which is appropriate because that happens whenever Acnologia shows up.

Meanwhile in the middle of Magnolia, Laxus wakes up just in time to NOT be needed. Everyone is happy but what happens next is what makes me happy: "I'm pathetic". Yes, yes you are. You showed up for 1-2 chapter in the Tartarus Arc and that's all. Jellal had more screen time then you and he didn't even do anything real important, much to Carry's disapproval. Speaking of I'll get it later, I have my own section in store for him.Back to Laxus, he realizes that he needs to get stronger.....really? Why? He only lost because of poison gas. If he was there he'd be fighting a decent fight (he'd still lose) against Mard Geer. Let the others get strong! You are just a milestone for Natsu to pass, just like Gildarts...although Gildarts in a way can be looked at like a Jiraya, except that he's not teaching Natsu how to be stronger, which means once Gildarts comes back, he is doomed to die for Natsu and company.

The Slayers Coping over Despair

We now go to Wendy who gets her hairstyle back, which kinda sucks since the other made her seem tougher, but at the same time this can be seen as a way to mask her sadness by looking innocent again. Lucy also thinks about changing her hairstyle and that's all I'm going to say for this scene. Panther and Carla start talking about how the slayers are dealing with the loss of their dragons in different ways, such as Wendy wearing the "Happy Mask", which Gajeel is wearing the "Dreary Mask". They talk about Natsu but say that he has Happy with him so all is good.

We now go to Natsu and Happy, who are currently getting all of the money they have. Oh god, why do they have 13 million jewels out all of the sudden? Wait, why do they have money? Most Protagonist rarely have money. This is new for him. BUT the biggest question is WHAT. IS. THAT. LETTER? It's apparently tough for him, so maybe its.........A LOVE LETTER FOR LUCY!!! Oh the fans would love that, and so would I.

"Gruvia Confirmed?!?"

Gray thanks Juvia

In this scene we get Gray who is at his parents grave marker, grieving over the loss of his father Silver, the coolest corpse since Madara Uchiha. Juvia, who's stalking....I mean tracking skill have greatly advanced, has followed him all the way there, which if I'm correct according to Ice Trail is on the Eastern side of the country....damn he got there fast....and so did she. Anyway, Juvia apologizes as she tells him that she killed Keith, which resulted in her in a way killing his father. She says how she doesn't deserve to love him, and Grat goes and hits her in the face.........Ok I'm just kidding, he puts his head on her and thanks her while crying. We leave them off in an comforting embrace. Now the fans only want to know one thing from this scene: Does this mean that Gray and her are going to hook up? Answer: No, but this is a good start for them to get together now.

"Let's go Shopping, Sorcière Bitches"

We now go to Erza, who is sad that her weaker self was shown, and that she wasn't strong enough during this battle, which honestly I didn't have a problem with. This can build to her character. Then, all of a suden an angelic light comes from the sky and shines on a certain cloaked man, that man being......wait for it...........Jellal!!!!!! To Carry happiness, Jellal returns after a year of absence and makes out with Erza....oh I wish, no he does nothing but show off to the fans that he and his crew went shopping for matching cloaks during the fight of the demons. Jellal probably saw Acnologia and was all " Hey guys, let's go shopping!" The others responded in "For what?" Jellal comes back with
Minerva returns to Sabertooth

The Guild: "Oh god, Minerva's Back!! Run!!!"

"Matching cloaks....that way we look badass!!!!" Jellal does say that we will see him again, most likely during the battle against Zeref, which is now TWO things I have to wait for now. Lumen AND Jellal. Frown Face :( . I swear if he dies in the final arc then it will be Seigheart all over again and I will cry.

We now go to Sabertooth, but we care about that so I'll make this one brief. Minerva goes home and she cries. The End. Ok next section. The section we DO care about.

Secret Agent Bolt.....Doranbolt, and The End of Fairy Tail

We go to Agent Doranbolt, a menber of the Magic council who has a secret unknown to even him. What is this grand secret? Well according to Makarov, Doranbolt is in truth a secret Fairy Tail member!! Damn didn't see that coming. Doranbolt used his power to erase his memories in order to infiltrate the Magic Council., which backfires when he goes undercover in Fairy Tail as a Magic Council Agent.....which is the reason why Makarov didn't want him to do it in the first place. Doranbolt's colors are revealed and is nothing more than a member of the guild who is so devoted to it, that he'd erased him memories for the guild....that sound so bad when you think about it like that. But this isn't even the bombshell....since this is a End of an Era Fairy Tail will be disbanded..........WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! HOLY SHIT, FAIRY TAIL IS NO MORE!!!!!! So will this make them the "Fairy Nomads" now?

Natsu has left and E.N.D Revealed

For the last part of the chapter we go back to Lucy, who hears someone in her room, and thinks its Natsu and Happy. As she does her usual "Get out of my room" thing, she sees that no one is there. She does however find a letter......omg.....the letter.....and it says....."I love you".....just kidding, it says "I'm leaving for a year or so to get stronger. Bye" Damn Natsu, that is tough to do. You have to say bye to the hotness that is Lucy Heartfellia. No wonder you did it via letter. Imagine telling her this face to face? Lucy runs out of her house sad as hell saying how she'd be lonely if Natsu isn't there, which kinda shows that she DOES indeed Love Natsu. Damn, for those who read Nanatsu no Taizai AKA The Seven Deadly Sin (Recommend by the way) I'm getting a deja vu vibe since Lucy is reminding me so much of Diane right now in regard to the current chapter. I won't spoil for anime only viewers tho. If you want to know why, read the manga. It's great, but I feel that the author was a Mashima fan boy since there are quite a few things in it that are similar to Rave and Fairy Tail...mostly Rave tho. People always get that mixed up and call Nanatsu no Taizai Fairy Tail 2.0.
Natsu heads off to train

When I come back I'll become Hokage....wait wrong manga.

Anyway, we then go to Natsu who is leaving, which made me think of Naruto when he left the village, and in the last page we get yours truly, Zeref. He is looking out from what I assume is the church in Magnolia to Natsu who confirms the long awaited yet probably obvious secret of Natsu. E.N.D = Etherius Natsu Dragneel!! In other words, Zeref/BWZ: "Natsu.....I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!!" Natsu: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well then that ends this review and onto the next one......if you are still reading my review that is since its long.

Fair Tail Zero Chapter 7: The Black Wizard Mavis

FT Zero Cover 7

"Brace yourselves the Maref/Zevis Fans are coming"

OK.....DAT TITLE!!! OMG. I'm not even reviewing it yet and I like the sound of it. Zeref/BWZ: "OMG. Two appearances in one day. Damn I'm on a roll". If the title doesn't spoil what happening or rather who's appearing then I don't know what to tell you. We go to Mavis and the gang who are recovering from their loss against Blue Skull. Mavis decides to go and get some water by herself for the group. When she is alone, she gets pissed at herself for underestimating the enemy and wishes that she thought everything through. Suddenly something appears from the lake she is at. It is none other than Zeref. AND.......HE'S NAKED!?!!

Zeref/BWZ:......"Wait what? Damn it, how that picture get leaked out to the world. Oh god. Now there will be an army of fangirls having fantasies of me now and at my doorstep."

Yes, people Zeref is here and he is naked much to the joy of many fan girls. Zeref fanservice. It exists now. He now is under Rule 34. Anyways, Zeref tells Mavis that she is leaving the forest, but Mavis is too flustered after see the Legend that is Zeref fully expose to her. His magic then takes the life of the forest, much to Mavis' surprise. Mavis then reveals the name of that magic "Ankhseram Black Magic" (this is what the chapter called it. Its one of the oldest curses out there also known as the "Contradictory Curse"- the more one believes they are an existence that robs life, the more the magic erupts, but if you don't think of it, then you won't rob life. Zeref is impressed that someone got his curse correctly. He tells her that it's the reason why he avoids humans. Mavis feels sad for Zeref asking if he is lonely. He then tells her that being able to talk to her like this makes him feel happy, yet worries him as he fears that his power may kill her as well. Then suddenly animals come out of nowhere and surrounds him. Zeref begins to panic but Mavis reassures him as she shows him her magic, Illusion. Zeref thanks her for this, since he can feel like he is near someone/thing and not worry about killing it. Mavis then goes to Zeref and asks him if he can teach her and allies magic since he appears to be a powerful mage. Zeref agreed to this but on the condition that he stays far from everyone. He himself realizes that this is out of character yet feels good. He teaches Rod Wood magic, Yury Lightning Magic, Precht nothing because he seems good, and I'm assuming Zeria is taught something as well. HMMMM Maybe she isn't dead after all. I just wish someone would acknowledge her other than Mavis so then that theory can be done with. Anyways this chapter ends with Mavis calling herself The Black Wizard Mavis and Zeref saying how these moments will be his most treasured, which means that the Mavis/Zeref fan can rejoice as this is the beginning of a pairing. Zeref also says that its 10 days before the birth of Fairy Tail, and that he may very well be the one that kills her after all.

Epologue: Polls and Final Words

Now that I'm done, I'll give my final verdict to the two chapters.

  • For Fairy Tail Chapter 416 I give it a 9/10
  • For Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 7 I give it a 9/10

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