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    Please Note: Since I'm bad at posting pictures, I will wait for them to be uploaded and will then update the review blog with them later today. Also I'm extremely tired right now and plan to sleep once I finish the review. — BlackWizardZeref

    Update: I got the Pics in! BlackWizardZeref

    Hello fans of Fairy Tail!!! This is everyone's favorite Black Wizard, Zeref. I am here after my 4+ month hiatus to bring to you all my review on Fairy Tail Chapter 465: 400 Years. The reason for my long hiatus includes social life and mostly college work! It's been hell. Hell I'm currently studying for one of my finals right now but I'm taking a break to give you all my word on what has to be one of my favorite chapters to date.

    Without further ado its time I…

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  • BlackWizardZeref

    Hello everyone of the Fairy Tail Wiki, this is everyone favorite Black Wizard, Zeref here to bring you a chapter review of Fairy Tail Chapter 444: Emperor Spriggan. Before we get started, I must say that it is great to be reviewing Fairy Tail again. It's been quite some time since my last review (Ch. 436 AKA Zeref's Past if I recall correctly) so I apologize if this review seems a little rusty.

    I must say that the cover page for the chapter is quite nice. Always good to get that Juvia greatness in there...although it wasn't like last chapter........oh man........ahem..ok anyways, let's get on with the review. By the way did anyone else think of SAO when you heard the name "Spriggan", the race Kirito played as? Maybe? Maybe? No? Ok, just me…

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  • BlackWizardZeref

    Hello everyone. I know that I'm posting this very late, but it's been crazy for me. Finals, Projects, Final Projects, Graduating from College, Applying to Grad School, etc. In a nut shell I've been running busy all day. However, since I AM the Black Wizard Zeref and I'm overdue for a Fairy Tail review, I'm here to bring you a Chapter review of Chapter 436 Memoirs.......with a brief mentioning of Chapter 435 since not much happened in that chapter. Now enough of me rambling! It's time to get on with the show!!!

    This section will just be the review. No fancy titles for each section, just the about 5-10 sentences since that would summarize the chapter! Anyways, we start off from where Natsu One-Shotted the War God much to many f…

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  • BlackWizardZeref

    Hello everyone, I am the BlackWizardZeref and I am here to bring you all a review of Fairy Tail Zero. It's been over a month since my last review (School has been hell) but I'm back and now its time to get into the review. The cover for this chapter is nice....kinda like a family photo. I only hope that this chapter gives me that answer to a very important question.....Is Zeria really there?

    We start the chapter with Warrod staring at the cage wondering why the Guild Master is not inside and hopes that everyone is ok. Unfortunately, things are not ok as we see Zeria run over to Precht to see if he knows where Mavis is. I guess she is real after all......I'd be 100% sure if he'd just answer her, but unfortunately for me he doesn't so I'm …

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  • BlackWizardZeref

    Hello everyone, this is the BlackWizardZeref here NOT bringing you a review this time. Instead I wanted to have some fun and bring in all of those fans who love the Fairy Tail females. As you can clearly tell in the title I am asking you gentleman....or ladies......or unbalanced individuals...or just anyone I guess one single question:


    Above and to the right I'm sure that you will get some inspiration for your decision for your Waifu. As for myself, when it comes to Fairy Tail characters, and when I say FT characters I don't mean they have to be in the guild, I choose: Lucy Heartfeilia.

    As a bonus I will include a part two to this as well. For those who love the male characters of the series I will include a "C…

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