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    Hey, I like to post some of Fairy Tail's most powerful characters in the Alvarez Empire Arc around Chapter 490. Here is a list of the top 35 right now:

    01. "Black Dragon King" Acnologia

    02. "Emperor Spriggan" Zeref Dragneel

    03. "Scarlet Dispair" Irene Belserion

    04. "Magic King" August

    05. "Salamander" Natsu Dragneel (X792/Fire Dragon King Mode)

    06. "Hybrid Theory" God Serena

    07. "Thunder God" Laxus Dreyar (X792)

    08. "Ace of Fairy Tail" Gildarts Clive

    09. "Heavenly" Jellal Fernandes (X792)

    10. "Grim Reaper" Bradman

    11. "The Adjudicator" Wahl Icht

    12. "Valkyrie" Dimaria Yesta (God Soul: Chronos)

    13. "Black Steel" Gajeel Redfox (X792/Dragon Force)

    14. "Country Demolisher" Brandish μ

    15. "Sky Goddess" Sherria Blendy (X792/Third Origin Release)

    16. "Desert Kin…

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