I'll try my hand at this since no one else has yet to make one for this episode.

Well this one came out quickly / randomly.

There is now a new opening. I myself liked it. Was a little more rock than the last one was. Also suits. And what I think was Tenrou island getting attacked by a giant monster (All heil the king!) and what looked like to be Magic Council ships sailing away from it. That scene looked very familiar but later in the episode you could tell that that is a scene coming later down the line. We also get to see Mavis, the Master (can't remember how to spell his name), and some other guy I didn't recognize but he was bald. We also get to see Gray (Grey?) and Ultear standing with each other again. Also 2 scenes of Natsu and Lucy that looked like they were copied from the last one. Also Blue Pegasus dancing again. (A lot of scenes looked similar to other ops) We also get a scene in which I first thought it was Leo / Loki because of the light hair, suit, and shades but it was Natsu. We then get to see a scene off all the guys in suits and a scene with all / most of the girls in fancy clothes. Wendy had on a suit as well but Jenny was also there. I would scenecap this but the site I watched it on isn't good for that.

Om further review that was not Jenny with the girls just a very Jenny-esqe Lucy. Also baldy is Hades I think. Maybe we'll finally finish the S-Class Wizard Trials. Oh wouldn't that piss people off. Also I think that was Ul / Ur not Ultear. It's been a while since we saw you. Nevermind. We've seen the ocean at least once since then.

On to other parts of the episode. Surprise! Season looks to be half over but it might have some other smaller filler. Natsu tries to fight the 13th (That's what I'm going to call her. Name's really hard to spell without looking it up constantly.) But he can't because he's sick from eating the darkness. He still tries to attack him anyways but Arcodious deflects the 13th's mountain-destroying beam with his blade. Some might say stupid but this guy is a badass. He did walk through lava. Really want to see him and Erza fight. Also, was really surprised it wasn't Erza.

Back on topic Natsu then decides that the best way to get better is the fight the giant snake that blows up mountains. She tries to tongue him. Arcodious cuts it into multiple parts saving Natsu from... something. He's still a badass. She regrows her tongue and then engages Arcodious in battle with her tongue. The big group is now somewhere where they can hear what's happening... sortof. Also Lucy and Yukino are still fighting and finishing each other sentences. Libra shows her eyes. Big reveal? But they are both still powered up and try to kill the wizards.

The 13th then forms the stars into crystals while the princess, who arrived with Arcodious, tells the people there about what she is / was saying. Also, sidenote, as someone how took Latin king is rex not lex.Hope they fix that in the dub. Also the sub. Little nitpick but I know l and r are sortof weird when translating. The 13th then says she is working for the King. She is his caretaker. (Maybe the dude that the snake is wrapped around perhaps?) also, when she formed the crystals a red spot appeared on her belly. It glowed and released a red glow. Also, apparently it is warn while the rest of her body is cool. Happy then mentions it to Natsu who then decides to punch it. Happy advices against this at first but Natsu punches it. It appears to hurt the 13th. The crystal then start to slam together combining the worlds which represented the spirits' worlds. Natsu then decides (after getting told by Happy that this is why he shouldn't have done this.) To shoot some sort of combined fire and darkness something at the crystals to fuse the worlds together. Yukino and Lucy then team up to do that super celestial wizard magic attack on both of them, defeat them, and then close their gates.

Lucy first decides to question whether what they are doing is right or not. All they wanted was freedom but she never treated then as slaves. Yukino's response is "Yes it is right." and there gates are finally closed. The world / realm that they are in then gets destroyed and they are slamed onto the rock below, the one the 13th is wrapped around, is a red light. The land looking injured, Wendy and Hisui rush to their sides, tell them to wake up, and they do. Also Natsu is cured because he purged himself of the darkness. The 13th looks defeated until she revealed that she has one.

Liberum Versus everyone!

The 13th arranged everything (She's really a good planner. Needs to do events. I'd hire her. Loks very... interesting in her nurse outfit.) And that she wanted them to close the gates at all costs even if it meant harm to herself. The are now back with the king. He also became a eclipse spirit. He got very powerful. He wants more power. He was mean to the other spirits . (I think that was how it went.) They where this whole time trying to get freedom / get away from him. Well the FT team screwed up. Also, since the King wants more power, the 13th will give it to him. Her life is his will... I think.

Now that the spirits are with him all the energy that would be flowing from the glode is flowing to where he is and he is intercepting it. Hisui points out this will cause the celestial spirit world to destroy itself at some point. That should kill the 13th. She's okay with it because it's the king's will. We then get to hear the roar of the king which sounded very primal / beastly. (I really want to see his mustache now) Natsu then basical says enough dialog and then goes to fight her, the 13th, again. That's where it ends.

In the previews they talk about how they need to use their goto move: destroy everything. Also the rest of the gang might help.

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