• Betuor

    Fairy Tail Ep. 215

    January 10, 2015 by Betuor

    I'll try my hand at this since no one else has yet to make one for this episode.

    Well this one came out quickly / randomly.

    There is now a new opening. I myself liked it. Was a little more rock than the last one was. Also suits. And what I think was Tenrou island getting attacked by a giant monster (All heil the king!) and what looked like to be Magic Council ships sailing away from it. That scene looked very familiar but later in the episode you could tell that that is a scene coming later down the line. We also get to see Mavis, the Master (can't remember how to spell his name), and some other guy I didn't recognize but he was bald. We also get to see Gray (Grey?) and Ultear standing with each other again. Also 2 scenes of Natsu and Lucy t…

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