just thought id write a little post to see what everyone's theory's/predictions are for next chapter.

so im going to get straight to the point i dont think Wendy is losing her power Chelia wont allow it im guessing either she will knock Wendy out or find someway to stop her getting involved thus the title says farewell to the magical girl and not girls which is why i think it will be a one off sacrifice.

My second theory is could we see a god dragon slayer. Chelia could be down and out and she passes her 3rd origin god slayer magic onto Wendy cancelling out the magic loss of we've seen in the past with Natsu all they have to do is suck in the magic and they can keep it e.g. Natsu fire/lighting mode and Gajeel shadow/steel mode. Wendy's the only one who hasn't got a second mode if im not mistakened not 100% on that but this could be her second mode.

so that's all ive got id like to hear your thoughts.

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