In the latest chapter of Fairy Tail Zero, most of you guys believe that Zeira is either actually dead from the start of the monthly prequel series and existed as Mavis' imaginary friend or is alive all along, living together alone with Mavis in Tenrou Island for 7 years. Some might say either of that.

If Zeira is really dead and exists as Mavis' imaginary friend, then why the hell is growing up like a hottie?! I mean ghosts don't grow up when they die and Mavis cannot even know what Zeira might look like when she grow up if she dies.

If Zeira is alive all the time and lived together with Mavis, some of you guys say that Yury cannot see her before Mavis tells her to come out and greet him. I'd say Zeira became a very good hider not being able to be spotted by the likes of Makarov's dad!

It's so very confusing! Help my little brain comprehend this!

"In the Game of Debates, where you argue over the main issue, there is no middle ground"

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