Hello guys again Bato here! Another blog created to kill my boredom. :D Although technically this may not be related to Fairy Tail wiki but it's kinda related regardless because we are in Hiro Mashima's world and we loved it so much! Peace!

I was wondering if there is such a possibility of a Rave Master anime reboot in a span of 100-200 and more episodes in Fairy Tail animation after the 1990's series that ended only at 50 episodes with a classic anime-style. Too bad it wasn't continued either even at the end of the manga where Mashima focused on Fairy Tail.

The Rave manga was one of the best works of Hiro Mashima ever and had me reading its entire story over and over again whenever I feel bored. Despite its end, references of that awesome manga are still around in Hiro's other works like Fairy Tail for instance.

I can imagine the sheer awesomeness of the anime reboot if Rave gets a very good anime studio for the animation sequences and art, mainly not the FT 2014 anime, though it's improving I'd admit but kinda weird, plus it needs blood as well. I would prefer the OVA version like in the Fairy Tail X Rave OVA episode. It was the best actually! XD

It would be awesome for the original Rave Master anime voice cast to be there as well including some of the dub cast from Madhouse or FUNimation. Yuri Lowenthal's voice as Haru sounds kinda pretty good in my perspective. :)

So what do you guys think of a Rave anime reboot possibility? Feel free to comment on your thoughts and opinions about this!

P.S.: I would put this blog in the Rave Wiki but it was still under construction and rarely anyone visits there as I had noticed.

Ja Ne! :D

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