Oh hey guys! Bato here being all lazy and decided to make another blog to pass off time. Lol

While waiting for the rest of the Spriggan 12 to appear in future chapters since Brandish μ, August, Ajeel Lamur, Invel, Dimaria Yesta and their newest addition, God Serena already made their debut, I'm looking forward to the appearance of the other members of the Ten Wizard Saints of the Ishgar continent.

With Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod Sequen and God Serena before his defection to the Alvarez Empire: the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgar, Jura Neekis and Makarov Dreyar were already seen as the six Wizard Saints appearing in the series not including the former ones like Jose Porla and Jellal Fernandes as Siegrain.

I hope that the other unseen Wizard Saints yet to appear in future chapter may be very serious badasses in terms of looks, personality and their strength, skills, and Magic. And also please Mashima, add some female members in Ten Wizard Saints for God's sake, I've seen enough dudes already and I once thought God Serena was a girl's name and assumed it's a female until it's revealed to be a dude (again... *ugh*...) who suspiciously looked like a very pissed off Yury Dreyar or Sting Eucliffe with a weird hairdo.

Anyways, comment on your thoughts and feel free to state your opinion about this. Have a nice day! :D

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